Demo sled not really a demo

Jan 21, 2018
So I reached out to dealerships around my area to try and buy a 2020.5 850 turbo. Found one for 15,500 with an option of buying an additional 2 warranty for a total of 3 years for another $1000. Bought the sled but not the warranty yet.
Been awesome the two days I rode it.

But, before I bought it my friend told me to make sure it’s not the lemon his friend bought. “John” bought It from this same dealership and the first day he rode it the top shock bolt came out and put the shock through the plastics and other stuff. They took care of it. Second day he rode the sled shut off and wouldn’t start again. Had to tow it out. The dealership decided to trade John on a brand new sled and take the lemon back. I don’t know John but have a few friends that do. I asked the dealership before I bought it, “this doesn’t happen to be johns sled, is it”. They said no, it’s our demo and only me and one other guy have ridden it.

Bought the sled, it’s ran great. Hitting some whoops yesterday I heard something bouncing around in the clutch side. Stopped pulled out a black bolt and couldn’t find where it was missing from. Only bolts that are black and matched the size was top bolt in the shock. I said “you think they sold me Johns sled and lied to me about it”. Friend said I don’t know. I can see if he has the vin # from it. Sent it to me today and the vin# matches.

I’m not sure what to do now so asking y’all for opinions.

How much trouble could this dealership get in for lying to me?

I found another dealership willing to match that same deal on an actual demo. Should I get my money back and get that one?

Should I keep the sled I have and ask them to pay for the 2 year warranty.

I’m not really out to get anyone in trouble or get free stuff. But I do think it’s pretty shady that I asked them and they straight up lied to me.
Jan 20, 2009
Northern Utah
I'd probably give them a chance to make good karma by providing a warranty at their expense, or if not get your money back. If that doesn't work then make sure everyone you know is informed about their shady dealings and don't do business with them again.
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