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2023 Summit Edge 165 850/first new sled Questions

Nov 11, 2010
Salmon Arm BC
We are kind of hi jacking this thread here, mine is a 23 expert NA which I like for every thing except side hilling straight across a steep hill. on my Matryx I could do that at a walking pace with very little effort on the expert 165 with 200 km on it I am struggling to do the same it requires more input and wants to go up hill most of the time. So ski rubber will fix this? Or polaris skis?
The Polaris holds an edge better than the Doo. Ski Rubber will help a bit but the Doo will never handle as well as the Polaris.
Nov 29, 2007
In years I had 2 stick skidoo motes go down and one Polaris with an aftermarket turbo. The skidoos had 500-700 miles on them the Polaris had 1500 miles all at 10 #. Love the g5 power, track but I am about to give up on it because it fights me holding and edge. I am all ears on tips and pointers to rectify that.
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