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Important Introducing the 2022 Polaris RMK lineup and first ride impressions!!!


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Nov 21, 2007
Salt Lake City
How was the cooling on the trail on the 146?
no issues. it was a fresh groomed trail at -1 degree (f). It ran 99-105 degrees, just like every things else (boost, non slash models). roughly 13 miles of this trail.
Will that be different on a 10 degree spring morning when everything is frozen solid from the 55 degree melt the day before and no fresh snow to be found? Sure, I would expect it to run 120-160 degrees or more even with scratchers down on solid ice. My axys was the same way. Polaris says the temp sensor comes on at 180 and shouldnt worry about temps until that point.
Sadly I dont have any expierence with new cooling system in those type of conditions. Personally I would not hesitate to run the slash (short tunnel, short cooling) on icy trails so long as I had scratchers.

Track Man

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Dec 24, 2007
Coppins Meadow
Just went to the Polaris dealer today. Dealers are only allocated so many turbo sleds. The dealer I went to said he’s getting 26. He already sold 23 this morning. If you want one you better get it quick.
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Aug 18, 2009
boise idaho
I feel like that should not be called a new chassis though...I guess its like the ascender platform on cat. Not complaining though because the changes make a huge difference!!
Ascender was basically plastics change, matryx is plastics and an entirely new tunnel, no sense in changing things that work, axys bulkhead, react front suspension and rear suspension work great.

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Dec 4, 2007
NW Wisconsin
I did take the 650 146" out. It was electric start and 2" track. I swapped with my buddy Dan Gardiner half way through without telling him what it was. He came back and said, "it feels lazy" I then informed him it was a 650 146 with 2" and electric start. It was impressive for what it did at 8000 feet.
I really wanted to try the 850 146" with 2.6" track. That is a very cool sled IMO.
So IMO if you weigh under 150lbs the 650 is plenty capable. It rode well on the trail and handled everything just fine. Otherwise I would stick with the 850.
10-4. Thanks GPD Leaning hard towards a 650 146.... But might wuss out and get the 850.
Ps. Dan Gardiner used to be my favorite rider to watch. He could throw that gen II around!


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Apr 5, 2006
Wokeville, WA.
Guess it doesn’t matter. My order didn’t go through, apparently a crashed website. It’s been one of those Polaris challenged seasons in this stable.


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Feb 27, 2009
Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
Anybody know the difference between the high and low elevation clutching? Looking at the 850 146 Khaos but I ride anywhere from 2000 - 8000 ft. is it just a matter of a weight change like in the past or is there more to it now? Thinking of going with the high elevation kit. My low elevation riding is mostly 50/50 trail so thinking i could just get away with a weight change for that.
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