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Fly Aurora Bibs

Dec 14, 2009
I got these for Christmas, they were $190 shipped with a matching jacket.

I requested a size larger than my "street clothes" and I'm glad I did because I have large thighs and these aren't cut very generously. The inseam is a few inches longer than normal.

They are very warm and repel moisture well, I haven't been cold once since I started using them. The bottom of the boot gaiters have a little hook that I connect to my laces so they don't ride up in deep snow.

They are not constructed as sturdily as some more expensive gear but they have reinforcement panels on the butt and knee area. The bottom of the leg zippers come up sometimes when walking in deep snow, most likely because they're a bit long for me. The top of the bibs doesn't have any elastic so when I don't have a jacket on snow can fall down my pants fairly easily.
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Mar 11, 2013
SE Idaho
This is old, but they still sell this bib. I bought them and I get soaked every ride on my snowbike. I like everything else about them, but they fail in the most important area.... keeping me warm and dry.
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