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Jan 9, 2006
Pass Creek, BC.
Tinkered on two team primaries last night. I have not worked on an arctic cat clutch since my M 1000 days.

Sled is a 2018 mtn cat.
Donor clutch is unknown sorry.

Was robbing Peter to pay Paul, rollers werent in the best shape in the running clutch and we took the best off the donor clutch.

Got a few questions:

One of them had two shims. One of these shims had a step in it that was the same ID/OD as the spring and was in the spring cup.

Another thing I noticed was that there was a gap between the flyweight and the roller. You could slightly move the flyweights with the spring in and cover on. Something that wasn’t seen in the older m1000.

Bottom to tower gap seemed excessive- 0.025 ish.

The fiche doesn’t show shims or lock washer at all.

Does anyone have a stack arrangement pic?

Are there differences between the years of this team primary clutch?

Any experience with a p85 or tra or pdrive as a replacement.

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Feb 16, 2008
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Gap between the roller and weight is correct.
Shims should go back in the order of removal.
'Shim' in the spring cup shouldn't be a shim but a washer or bushing, to reduce spring bind. If its an aftermarket spring, it may be shorter then factory then it could require a shim.

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Oct 30, 2008
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The "shim" in the spring cup may be something like this: to be able to run the older style cat springs in the Team clutches. Team clutches have their own spring length spec. If you are installing a new spring made for the team clutch you can probably pull it out. If it looks like something to relieve spring bind probably leave it like summ8rmk said.

The 2018+ mountain roller clutches have a thick washer with tabs that goes under the spider. The trail clutches do not. Use different width belts. When I put one on my 2014 I got the trail version sent to me and didn't know it. First time I started the sled it took off across the shop and I had to catch it before it hit the garage door!
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