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RMK 900 no spark

Dec 19, 2023
Hi everyone! I have a 2005 RMK 900 that has no spark, and I am at a loss. I was riding when suddenly the engine turned off and wouldn't start again (mine doesn't have a battery or starter, pull only), so I opened the hood, and it looked like the little hole on top of the exhaust valve had sprayed out oil for some reason. I checked and there was no spark, so I tugged it home. Back home I checked the spark again, and this time there was spark on the first pull, but that was the last time it happened. I checked and disconnected all of the possible turn off-switches (key, line, button) but didn't help. I checked the stator since apparently that's a common problem. Stator looked fine (no broken wires or coils), the wires have the right resistance 0.1-0.2 ohms between each yellow and when measured while pulling, each combination of yellow wires seems to peak at around 9 volts AC (hard to measure without starter motor and without DVA in multimeter). I have measured voltage at multiple points when using pull-start, and it seems there is 8v from stator wires, 8v from fuel-pump wires, 8v at the safety line turn-off switch, but 0v at the big capacitor box (also meaning the capacitor is probably fine since there is no power coming to it anyway).
I also measured voltage coming to the ignition coils, and it seems there is around 1.5-2v whenever I measure, and it's slowly dropping, however using the pull-start seems to have no effect on the voltage whatsoever. I also bought a new voltage regulator, but it didn't change anything, so seems like the old one is just fine. There was no smoke from the ECU or anything like that (plus there is still power to the fuel pump as mentioned before), so doesn't seem like it would be broken either?

One interesting note: there is an unconnected splice saver (also shown in the wiring diagram). When tested, none of the connections is connected to ground, however whenever I plug in the voltage regulator (either one of them), suddenly every single wire in the splice saver is directly shorted to ground. Also, the brake light wires get shorted together when plugging in the regulator. I don't know if this is supposed to happen, however it's weird that it happens with both the old and the new regulator, since I doubt they'd both be broken.

I feel like I've checked everything, I even disconnected the handwarmers in case there is a short, and I don't really know what to do next. Can anyone with more experience in dealing with the 900 engine help me?


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Dec 27, 2007
Items that will cause no spark, if it was an Edge 2002 to 2005:
1. bad thermostat on top of the cylinders
2. disconnected wire in the main electrical harness
3. bad voltage regulator
4. throttle block pin hole over ovalled from wear
5. spark plug rubber caps corroded or loose from the coil wire
6. the main harness connection to the CDI has loosened up do to a broken clip holder
7. high beam switch gone out
8. after market wiring has shorted out
9. defective keyed ignition switch
10. fowled plugs from last year have not been replaced
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