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Looking for a little help...2016 800 Axys


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Jan 30, 2013
North Central Montana
So...Just got thrown a curveball. I run an 03 800 and can figure stuff out with the help of this forum, going to need a little more help with this one.

My boss just bought a 2016 Axys for his son. Long story short, my boss bought this sled used from the guy who put a turbo on his brand new 2020 Snow Check.

The problem:
Sled runs like crap upon cold start.
When ”forced” to warm up, sled idles high, 23-2500 rpm.
Upon warming up, hits 52-5300rpm and basically hits rev limer it looks and sounds like in the video I’ve been shown.

The information I’ve been given (In order):
Approximately 920 miles on the sled
Brand new plugs (pulled and verified myself, checked gap, .29”)
The sled previously had a boondocker turbo, previous owner had pulled it back off.
Brought to the local dealership, no codes found. ECM perfectly clean.
Previous owner ran 100 low lead av gas in it for turbo.

The things told to look at (by whomever):
Checked y pipe for cracks, none found
Electrical: pulled all the connections apart and checked for bent pins, none found, checked for worn wires, none found, everything looks nice and pretty.
Check to make sure tuning chip was removed and ECM restored to normal. (Chip removed, tuning verified by dealer, including TPS tuning)

The things I’ve noticed:
Sounds like its running rich
Smells like its running rich upon startup (like my old 03 after the carbs sat and leaked down all night)
A little bit of oil “sludge” in the belly pan below the exhaust doughnut at the y-pipe where it meets the pipe
Oily substance around the y-pipe manifold where it meets the jugs
Both of the screws on one of the ignition coils were loose, one missing, one was leaning up against the other. (Tightened and replaced screws, still ran like crap upon startup)

What I’m thinking or wondering about:
With running 100LL Av Gas, is it possible the exhaust power valves are gummed up?
With running av gas, is it possible the fuel injectors have gummed up or been wiped out? With as rich as it smells, that makes me lean that way the most...

Any help would be much appreciated, especially for getting his 12 year old son’s Christmas gift up and running.


Nov 25, 2011
Do a leak down test AND compression test.

100LL will wear on injectors, but was it run on that since new?

Did the previous owner ever mess with anything in the motor internally? Clutching? Kill switch? Anything electrical?

Quite the sled for a 12 year old!!

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