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670 Summit X Mod Questions -

Dec 8, 2014
NW Iowa
Hey guys,

I have a 98 Summit X that I have put a 151x16x2 track on, along with a 06 rev skid with all idler wheels moved to the inside. I also have removed the sway bar and raised the handlebars with a pivot riser. I am happy with the way that she turns over on her side, and she sidehills like a champ, but I can't seem to get the front the sled to come off the ground.

I want to get pressure off the front of the sled. I have the front springs in the middle due to no sway bar, the middle skid spring is pretty tight and the back blocks on the softest setting. The limiter straps are also all the way out. What else can I do to make the sled feel less front heavy and get it to feel like the weight is more on the back of the sled? Are things like a new lighter muffler and such worth it?

It won't allow me to upload a picture, if anyone knows how, I would be happy to post one for reference. Thanks!


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Jan 27, 2009
My son has essentially the same sled, but with an '05 skid and 15"x151. He also has an HPS can (not in production anymore). He is a big dude @ 275 and it's still not a wheelie machine. I honestly don't know what more you can do to make it so. It is still amazing how well he gets that old thing to climb, though.
Dec 3, 2007
columbus mt
When you installed the rear suspension did you use drop brackets in the back? What holes did you use for mounting?

My old 670 would carry the skis for miles if I wanted it to.
I used extensions to fit a 163 16 track on it. At one time I had the same track 151 x16 and it was more fun with the 151 then the 163.

If you can post a picture of the rear suspension mounting points it would help.

winter brew

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Nov 26, 2007
LakeTapps, Wa.
I agree it probably has to do with how the skid is mounted. If you used drop brackets in the rear, make sure that mount point is no lower (raising the rear) than stock. Pictures will help.
Dec 8, 2014
NW Iowa
Thanks for the help guys - sorry that I haven't replied to this thread for so long. I (hopefully) attached some pictures showing the skid mounting points when I initially built it, and some pictures of the of the final sled and how it sits on level cement. The blue arrows in the pictures represent the original mounting holes for the stock skid, and the red arrows are where the new skid is mounted now. I machined some drop brackets off of a pair of rev skid rails that got bent (the blue arrows are where the original mounting holes where, and the red arrows show the new mounting holes). Note that the front hole for the skid is the same hole that was originally used with the stock skid (maybe this front mount should be moved down to allow the track to "push" the sled up more?).

Some side notes:

Since I have last posted I have been messing with the shock settings on the skid and front skis, and I think I have managed to make it harder to lay on its side and still not helping with front ski pressure - how should shocks be set on my sled? After removing the sway bar, I turned up the pressure on the front shocks so that they wouldn't bottom out, but I feel like it makes it harder to hold a sidehill?

I re-geared to 19-45 and did some clutch work (with the help of winter brew, thank you) - the primary is 200/320 spring and the secondary is stock. These things really helped with getting the track speed higher, however, I think I need to go down to a 160/320 spring to get a lower engagement as I think the high engagement is compounding my struggle to sidehill, as I can't keep the track moving at a slow enough speed to keep it crawling forward.

And back to my original question:

What I can I do to get the weight off the front? I want the sled to push up on top of the snow, not just push snow in front of it. Do I need to get more height on the front of the sled, new shocks? How can I get the skid to push the front of the sled up while in deep snow?


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Nov 30, 2007
helena, mt
The more you 'drop' the rear skid mounting hole, the more ski pressure you will have. Try moving the hole up, so the rear bumper is closer to the ground. Try moving the rear scissor forward 3/4-1" on the rails. Is the limiter all the way out?
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