Important 2022 Ski-Doo PHOTOS and SPECS

Aug 3, 2012
I drive without the little showel flap on my 2018 Boondocker. No problem with cooling. But don't think we have the same transportation to snow as you have sometimes.

Lynx had been known as wheelie machines. But DS got a new skid for 2020 so think the DS is better now.
My tends to dig a bit. But it's a real fun machine.
But haven't tried any expert or Khaos so can't really compare.

Historicaly Lynx has been what you want if you like snocross/ditch banging. Steadier construction then Ski-Doo and better suspension products. But with radien they really went from ditch banger with long track to deep snow machines. Still they tend to reinforce the chassis Ski-Doo gives them.


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Dec 23, 2007
Where is the warranty information on the ski-doo site? I went through the snowcheck process and don't see it.


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho

Always looking at a bigger picture.

Living large is part of the Freeride lifestyle. These riders look at a landscape in search of pillows and drops to chase “that feeling” they embody so well. They go big too, because it’s the only they know how to live large. They are wired to push beyond boundaries, challenge themselves and then do it all over again – even bigger. The 2022 Ski-Doo Freeride is the perfect match for them with that same bold persona.

To be the sled of choice for these riders, the Freeride must deliver unmatched power – everywhere. The legendary Rotax 850 E-TEC does just that, plus there’s the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo that takes it even further for those riding at altitude. The turbo powerplant delivers the full 165 horsepower of the Rotax 850 E-TEC up to 8,000 feet and continues to add a massive 40-hp advantage above that mark over the normally aspirated 850 E-TEC - and does so with zero throttle lag and about half the weight penalty of a typical aftermarket turbo kit. Both engines feature instantaneous response and class-leading power that take riders further with confidence inspiring durability.

Freerides are built on the strong and responsive REV Gen4 platform with centralized engine placement and open cockpit design so riders can move about freely. The short tunnel design assures the sled can
move about freely, too, with more maneuverability and less power being robbed by snow packing at the rear. Big hits are absorbed by limit-pushing KYB Pro series shocks the riders revere, featuring adjustable compression damping for fine tuning.

Weight savings can be found in features like lightweight shock springs, a compact weather resistant seat, large opening running boards that promote better snow evacuation and one-piece lightweight hood.

More rider-inspired features like small-diameter handlebars, new 4.5-inch backlit digital display and the Ski-Doo exclusive battery-less push-button SHOT starter system make the 2022 Freeride a premium extreme rider experience on snow.

What’s New for 2022

  • New color scheme
  • SHOT starter standard on most configurations
  • Electric starter in Low Altitude Calibration with 2.5-in. lug only
  • 146-inch model in Low Altitude Calibration only
  • 165-inch model with 2.5-inch lug in Low Altitude Calibration only
  • Standard LinQ attachments


REV Gen4 platform:
The open design of the REV Gen4 mountain platform allows riders to ride freely with their own style, attacking terrain as it suits them instead of the sled. Designed to be the most agile, responsive sled in the mountains, the side-to-side centralized mass creates a sled that’s ultra-responsive to rider input, making it easy to initiate sidehill and carving maneuvers even in the most technical terrain.

tMotion rear suspension:
The tMotion is both extremely agile and ultra-responsive to rider input. A simple shift in rider weight is all it takes for the sled move in the desired direction. A swiveling rear arm and split front arm allow the skid frame to flex laterally for easier roll up into a sidehill or carve. Rising-rate motion ratio adds capacity to handle big drops and comfort when riding the trail to get to the mountain. Optional adjustable limiter strap gives riders quick, easy choices in ride dynamics.

Rear suspension rail stiffener: Reinforcement ensures strength on hard landings.

KYB Pro 40 EA piggyback rear shocks: Extreme capacity, extreme durability shocks for control in the toughest conditions. Easy Adjust compression damping adjustment knob does not require tools.

RAS 3 front suspension: Precise, predictable handling and outstanding bump absorption, even in harsh conditions, with State-of-the-art unequal length A-arm front suspension.

KYB Pro 36 R EA piggyback front shocks: Extreme capability, extreme durability shocks for control in the toughest conditions. New design is more efficient for higher performance; compression and rebound calibration ranges are optimized. Easy Adjust knobs for compression and rebound adjustments.

Sway bar quick-disconnect: Disengages and engages the sway bar in just seconds, without tools. Keep it on while riding trails, disengage it for the powder.


Narrower, adjustable ski stances:
A 35.7 in. (90.7 cm) ski stance makes the front of the sled as easy to roll-up as the rear. Stance can also be widened 1.7 in. (4.3 cm) to add more stability for riding style and conditions.

Tunnel design: More freedom for the rider to move thanks to the beveled shape allowing for narrow tank and seat. Open rear cap design eliminates drag in deep snow. Heat exchanger is integrated using cutting-edge friction stir welding manufacturing process for greater heat transfer, added strength and less weight.

Short Tunnel: Shorter tunnel length allows for optimal maneuverability in deep snow. Standard rear lightweight snowflap with LinQ-ready attachment points.

pDrive primary clutch with clicker adjustment: Fast and friction-free dual rollers transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons. Oversize rollers with needle bearings, wide based flyweights and a shaft on shaft design emphasize smooth operation and long life. Clicker ramps allow easy adjustment for top RPM. Ultra-responsive shifting, impressive RPM consistency, lightweight and
maintenance-free. Fixed sheave is finned to circulate more air - paired with the new CVT cover delivers better air flow and cooling.

Drive belt: PBO material and design enhanced drive belt durability in deep snow.

QRS Vent Plus driven clutch: Finned fixed and moving sheaves maximize airflow of the CVT system to decrease overall operating temperature and offer consistent performance.

Drive Belt Monitoring System: Alerts riders in two different ways, duty cycle and temperature, if drive belt issues are impending before failure. Allows rider to be proactive to prevent belt failure.

Brembo disc brake: Hydraulic system from the world leader in brakes and racing-style pads provide powerful, fade-resistant stopping power. Steel-braided line.

Ergo-Step side panels: More comfort thanks to the ergonomic design of the rear section of the panels shaped to support the rider’s shins on downhills. Narrow profile and shape at bottom minimizes “paneling out” in sidehilling. Bottom pan is shaped for flotation in carving and sidehilling.

Open toe-hold: True freedom to choose. Enables rider to naturally and freely adjust footing on the running board. Optional toe-hold accessories available to customize the fit for all styles.

Compact lightweight Seat: Lower, shorter, narrower, lightweight design allows for easier rider movement on the sled. Developed with backcountry expert Carl Kuster. Improved weather resistance to preserve its lightweight characteristic.

4.5-inch digital display: All-digital LCD gauge with flatter viewing angle for an easy-to-read info center while standing.

Mountain Light handlebar controls: Even more compact design for no interference with the rider. Warmer switches on console. RER reverse button further shielded.

Small diameter handlebar and grips: Tapered bar ends for improved rider comfort.

One-piece Lightweight Hood: One-piece Polypropylene construction reduces weight by 6 lbs. Optimized for heat management and noise reduction.

Rotax Electronic Reverse (RER): A simple push of a button reverses the sled – by reversing the direction of the engine. Adds nearly zero weight.

RF DESS Key: Ball-and-socket design with embedded radio frequency microchip ensures solid connection.

Sea Level Calibration: Many riders at lower altitude are adopting the Freeride model for deep snow use or lower elevation slopes. In order to meet those needs BRP is offering 2 calibrations of the drive train; One for high altitude, above 4,000 feet (1,220 m), and a sea level calibration for those who ride below 4,000 feet (1,220 m).

Accessory-ready: Designed from the factory for easy installation of more than 150 Ski-Doo accessories for the REV Gen4 platform, including LinQ cargo system, skid plates, side panel vents, auxiliary LED light, GPS receiver, 1+1 seating system, alternative windshields and more.


Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo engine:
The first-ever factory-built 2-stroke turbocharged engine in any industry. The Rotax designed and built turbo provides full 165 horsepower from the industry’s strongest 850 twin up to 8,000 feet of elevation and remains a constant 40 horsepower more above that mark compared with normally aspirated 850’s. Sophisticated design integrates flawlessly with the REV Gen4 platform for ideal balance at minimal weight. Ultra-impressive power, instant response with no lag, and factory reliability from a turbocharged 2-stroke - only the industry’s leading manufacturer could develop and stand behind it.

Rotax 850 E-TEC engine: The next generation of the most advanced direct-injection two-stroke engine technology. This powerful twin delivers an exhilarating experience with 165 horsepower and 30% quicker response – the power comes instantly and forcefully. Fuel and oil economy remain impressive. Designed for reliability and durability with proven 4-stroke and long-lasting automotive engine technologies.


NEW Arctic Desert


  • Electric Start (LAC, 2.5-inch lug only): Easy push-button starting
  • 2.5 or 3.0 in. (6.35/7.62 cm) track lug height (154 and 165)
  • Sea Level Calibration (850 E-TEC only): Powertrain is calibrated for riding below 4,000 feet (1,220 m).
Premium Features