2010 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 800 Fueling Issues

Having a major issue after summer with sled running properly. Have tried almost everything and can’t get it to run right. Sled will only start good cold and idles at 3500 rpm , as I hit the throttle with track on ground it bogs and goes to die untill I release throttle and will go back to high idleing. Fuel pressure is running low at 25psi. Brand new tank of premium gas and 4 new NGK plugs. After it’s warm it won’t start again untill it sits cause the plugs get loaded up. Been trying to find where my regulator is for my fuel pressure and I’m pretty sure it’s inside my fuel pump which i had out already but very hard to get apart without breaking the diaphram, any suggestions to if it could be the regulator or fuel pump would be great. Also if I have the track in the air it won’t bog. But still idles high. Thanks


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Nov 26, 2007
Sounds lean. Have you checked injectors for clogging? Is fuel left on has lines flushed and fresh? Throttle safety sensor working?
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