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  1. Sled Solutions

    It's going to be a onesie, twosie type year.

    I usually do this anyway but this year is BAD, product is just trickling in so for those looking I'll keep posting when I have stuff coming in that I think will be difficult to find. Today 10/21/21 Skinz Polaris AXYS Airframe Mid Height Seat (1) Skinz Polaris 850 Heated Brake Lever (2)
  2. Sled Solutions

    2018-2021 Arctic Cat King Cat M9000 Turbo Seat

    We have a couple seats that fit this sled, they are on back order everywhere from what I can tell.
  3. R

    Movie's of Alpha's

    Hi, Have anyone link's to movies on the web with Alpha's you want to share with us? Could have been fun to watch :)
  4. Jager Bomb 243

    ** SOLD ** 509 Carbon Fiber Altitude helmet. White Trace XL, like new condition.

    $200 plus shipping. Pretty much said everything in the title. Used lightly for 2 seasons. Never crashed or dropped. Has fidlok closure, comes with breath box (never used), and synch bag.
  5. M

    2018 Mountain Cat

    Meticulously maintained 2018 Mountain Cat, 153 3 inch powder claw, 1004 miles, only ridden in the mountains, SLP can, premium Cat Cover, new spare belt. Just cleaned clutches, did all maintenance, for a trip. Have disassembled air box and sealed. Just rode 3 days in the West Yellowstone area of...
  6. M

    FOR SALE: 2017 Arctic Cat 800

    This sled has ran great for two seasons and has been frequently maintained since it left the showroom. A list of parts upgrades includes: - Mountain Valley Machine belt drive - SLP lightweight can - Nxt Level rear bumper - Heavy Cat front bumper - 3" Cat track - Arctic FX wrap - Cycra hanguards...
  7. L

    Alpha on the sidehill

    I'm about 90% of the way ready to go snowcheck a new alpha. I rode the new Summit 850 last weekend in really good conditions. It seemed to want to wash out on a steep sidehill and try to climb straight up. I was told that locking out the T-motion would help resolve this. I'm curious if anyone...
  8. alexkravets

    2009 M1000 LE

  9. alexkravets

    2008 M1000 162

    2008 M1000 162"Track 2000 miles $3300 or best offer Alex...text me@ 503-501-6868
  10. D

    Anyone still talkin about 1M 900 mountain cats 2003/2004?

    Have a 2003 mountain cat 900 mod (carb) and gonna swap a 2004 900 EFI motor into. My 03 motor has jaws pipes, torque line RKT head and v force reeds I'm also gonna swap over. Am I gonna run into any issues? Do I need a bookdocker or some sort of fuel programmer
  11. N

    Looking at 2017 m8000. Anything to look out for?

    I am looking at purchasing a m8000 2017 and was wondering if there was anything in particular to look out for? Thanks!
  12. R

    2008 m1000 bogging

    Hey I have a 2008 m1000 it runs and idles fine at low rpm. After 4000 rpm and over it loses power. Not to sure where to start. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. R

    2012 M800 162" Single Owner $3,500

    2012 Arctic Cat 800 162" Single Owner $3,500 I have a 2012 Arctic Cat 800 for sale. 1,400 miles single owner sled. Has never been bent or wrecked. Has some scraping on both side panels from riding in the trees as usually happens. I'm asking $3,500 for the sled. I'm located in Aberdeen, SD...
  14. J

    WTB ECU 3006-654 or 3006-936

    Looking to buy an ECU to replace on 2004 Arctic Cat Mtn Cat 900 EFI. Went through the ice couple years back and can't get it to run right. Thread below shows what I have tried but just keep coming back to the ECU must be screwed up from the water...
  15. T

    2010 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 800 Fueling Issues

    Having a major issue after summer with sled running properly. Have tried almost everything and can’t get it to run right. Sled will only start good cold and idles at 3500 rpm , as I hit the throttle with track on ground it bogs and goes to die untill I release throttle and will go back to high...
  16. L

    2007 m8 vs upgrading to 2013 / 2014

    I currently ride a 2007 m8 with an 11 rear skid and multiple upgrades I am looking to move into a newer sled and the 13’s and 14’s are in “my budget” I have noticed the 13’s are closer to what I can realistically spend and I’m curious if there is a huge difference?(from my understanding -...
  17. W

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z, 2001 Thunder Cat

    1999 Mike Houle Mach Z and 2001 Thunder Cat Mountain Cat 1999 Mach Z- #11 of 500 Commemorative edition Mike Houle Mach Z, 184 1" Mega Bite studs, 10" carbides, crank shop can, 500 miles on Upper Peninsula (Michigan) trails, lakes, and airstrips. 2001 Mountain Cat- Trail ported 1000 1996 CDI...
  18. W

    2001 Mountain Cat,1999 Mike Houle Mach Z

    2001 Thunder Cat 144" Mountain Cat- 1800 miles, trail ported 1000 1996 CDI, track cut to 1", 220 HP plus. Performed on Upper Peninsula (Michigan) trail, lakes and airstrips. 220 + 1" Mega Bite studs. 1999 Mach Z- #11 of 500 limited edition commemorative edition Mike Houle Mach Z. 184 1" Mega...
  19. T

    174” opinion pros and cons

    174” opinion pros and cons Is there any reason not to own a 174” track Found a great deal on a new one. Pros and cons. Thank you.
  20. F

    Proclimb turbo kit

    Proclimb turbo kit: SOLD SOLD Sold sold. I have a push turbo throttle body before turbo setup. Comes with everything plus the throttle position sensor, extra straps for securing wiring, the pod 300 mount I made, and the modified heat shield that guards the ecu. It's Still on the sled so I...
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