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    Polaris Fusion 900

    I have a 2005 polaris fusion 900 and I let it warm up for about 10 minutes and slowly pulled away and the lights cut out and then the motor died after. I dragged it back to the garage and checked the fuel pump make sure that did not go and I cycled it for a little and pulled it and nothing. I...
  2. J

    05 Rmk 900 help

    Okay so I have an 05 RMK 900 that I purchased last year we had a big bore kit in it from Carl's cycle ran it for probably half the season and burnt up the piston on one side replace the Piston both the Pistons and both jugs with stock piston and jug because I could not acquire an 88 mm piston...
  3. V

    Aftermarket bumper with slp intake

    Are there any bumpers that will work with the slp intake? I really want to upgrade before I brake the stock one.
  4. J

    2005 Polaris RMK 900 ENGINE (broken clutch attached); $500/OBO

    Complete "running" (but smoking) engine from 2005 Polaris RMK 900 (so, 866cc Liberty Engine). Runs, but smokes very badly, so should plan on pistons/rings, etc... (see pic) Further, the inner sheave for the primary clutch is still attached to the crank. The primary clutch broke in half...
  5. S

    Possible top End?

    Hey guys, So i went riding this week. Rode great all day and hit a small jump. After i landed my sled seemed to only run on one cylinder. The engine sounds very deep in a way (if that makes sens). Is lacking power and if you full throttle it while cruising then it instantly bogs. any ideas...
  6. G

    2005 RMK 900 EGT CODE

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and have just purchased a 2005 RMK 900 159. I am having some EGT SENSOR issues. First off I rode it once and had the flashing check engine code 5 times and pause, and my voltage display drop 1-2 bars while above 3000 RPMs but goes back up after a couple seconds of...
  7. 7

    Clutch Weights and Spring

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and rather new to snowmobiling in general. I have picked up a 05' rmk 900 from a family friend that rode it at sea level. I have spent some time looking through this forum and others, but haven't found what I'm looking for. So I know this is a problem...
  8. D

    My "adventure" with my 900 RMK

    My "adventure" with the 900 RMK Hello guys, so a short intro into what my plans are for this thread. I have been a proud owner of my 2006 900 rmk 151 for about 4 seasons. shortly after purchasing I found this forum dedicated to the 900 rmk's. I have found tons of info on here, in fact every...
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    EGT Sensor Problem

    Ive got a 2006 RMK 900. Runs great, excellent power, all in all good sled. Heres the problem. Check engine light bliks five (5) times. It always blinks. on startup, idle, and running. I have replaced the EGT sensor, cleaned associated connections. The Code Page says it will illuminate if...
  10. N

    2005 900 carb

    After many restless nights, I have decided it is time to move up to a newer sled. That means letting go of the King Kat. 2005 1M 900 King Kat 162 challenger track Big wheel kit Fox Floats on the front Slydog Tri-keel ski's Cutler Clutch stock pipe but, aftermarket can custom forward post...
  11. C

    yet another suspension thread

    so I've now officially done the heavier torsions and front track shock springs on my 06 anni. it has worked great as far as getting the a55 end of the thing up. looks way better. I also did the 5/8" scissor mount movement. but even with all this there is an issue. although the back end sits...
  12. T

    2006 700 BB Injector Question

    On the 2006 CFI-4 700's which injector is the low speed and which is the high speed? Upper vs. Lower Also, at about what RPM do they switch from the high speed to the low speed and vice versa? my sled runs like crap and mostly on one cylinder until I make it to about 4400-4500 RPM and then...
  13. C

    HELP not oiling

    so I took my 05 166 into the dealer to have the rest of the recalls done while it was there I had them do a couple other things as I was short on spare time. they did the fuel tank pump and harness, an alignment, and replaced the oiler cable for me.. took the sled out Saturday and it ran great...
  14. S

    900 cfi fit in a 07 dragon rmk

    I was wondering if a 2005 900 CFI engine and 2007 700 CFI are built with the same block. I'm thinking about swapping my 700 out with a 900 in my 2007 Dragon RMK chassis. I'm just not sure if the block and engine mounts from the 900 are the same as the 700. I would like it to be just a bolt in...
  15. H

    Electrical connectors

    Im currently doing some experiments with my sled, making up a custom wiring harness for a fuel controller or standalone EMS for use in turbo projects. but i have one major problem, does anyone know the part numbers /name and where it is possible to buy both the male and female connectors that...
  16. C


    so I've been running engine ice and it seems to be working great. I still get a little warm on the hard pack with scratchers but it never gets too hot. a quick dive into the powder and 'm back where I want to be. In talking with a relative over the weekend he has a 900 and had similar results...
  17. H

    Rear skid setup

    Hi! Iv been a member for quite some time now, but iv just been sucking up all the info I could about the 900. This is my second 900 as my first had a date With a tree at higher speeds :mmph: but apart from that it were the best damn sled I have ever owned. So heres the question, I recently...
  18. B

    WTB ZR hood and airbox

    Looking for a hood for a 04 900 mtn cat and an airbox. I am in washington, let me know if you have one. Cheers
  19. E

    SLP pipe and can RMK900

    this is a used pipe and can for a 2005 RMK900 in pretty decent condition. pictures available upon request. for those who dont know you dont need a flash card for the 05. your local dealer can flash the ECM for this pipe using digital wrench. Im asking $300 firm. buyer must also cover shipping
  20. C

    suspension questions

    so im literally down to weeks before i can get a ride in where im at. my sleds ready to go excecpt as i was loading it on my trailer the front right shock absorber started hissing and leaking. now the sled tips super easily to the right side while the left is still still. i know i should do...
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