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Default Conversation

Me: Oh, Polaris released a kids mountain sled!!! I'm so freaking excited!!!

Polaris: I know, awesome huh?

Me: Yeah, so cool. What does it weigh?

Polaris: 420 pounds.

Me: Wait, what? That's more than my AXYS 800 155 that I ride at 409 pounds?

Polaris: Well, yeah, the sled for your 10 year old is indeed heavier than your sled, but don't you worry, we took it and made it a low rider so that even though the bulkhead and tunnel and track are all full adult size, the kid will think it's small, even though it's heavy.

Me: Oh. So not only is it heavy, but now it sits real low like an 80's phazer so that the body work will have to plow through all the deep powder instead of floating above it and also so that it will be even tougher for my kid to get it on edge?

Polaris: Well, yeah, that front end will really be a snow plow through the deep snow with it being so low, not to mention that the boards being low will really get it high centered and stuck really quickly. However, as for getting it on edge, don't worry, we made the ski stance narrower than our trail sleds.

Me: Oh, cool, what is the ski stance?

Polaris: 39"

Me: What? That's a wider ski stance than my sled!! That's the same exact ski stance as the trail version of the EVO!! You don't actually have any plans for my kid to learn to put this sled on edge do you?

Polaris: No, not at all. If he ever did get it on edge, then he would get a bunch of snow in the running boards, and there's not a hole in sight, so it's going to take a lot of work to get snow off those running boards.

Me: Ok, well then I guess this isn't really a boondocker. I suppose I'll just let my kid learn how to ride the way people did back in the 80's where he just points straight up a mountain and tries to get a high mark and then comes right back down. I mean hey, you did give a 70 pound kid a 144" X 15" track, which is essentially like giving a 180 pound adult a 220" X 15" track so at least my kid can go learn to climb mountains straight up really well as he should have an absolute glut of flotation back there?

Polaris: Well...kinda. You see, even though the sled already weighs more than your sled, and is trying to turn a track just 11" shorter than your sled, with fairly decent size lugs, we actually decided that the 550 fan was just creating way too much power. Oh, yeah, especially at 10,000 feet, yeah, that little 550 fan was producing a whopping 38.5 HP. We just decided that was way too much. So we decided to limit it to 5/8 of the power so that it would go down to 24 HP at 10,000 feet where you mountain riders want to take your kids. On top of all that, we put in some sea level clutching, so by the time you point it at any kind of hill with any kind of power at 10,000 feet, that little engine just won't even have a chance and your kid isn't going to make it very high up that hill, which is good though, you know, because, safety first right?

Me: Ok, so what you're telling me is that my "mountain" sled for my kid is:
- Actually built on an adult size chassis?
- Heavier than my adult sled?
- Has a wider ski stance than my adult sled?
- Built to sit low like a low-rider grass drag sled?
- Has running boards from the year 2000?
- Has a de-tuned engine to add insult to injury for the power we already lost at elevation?

Polaris: That's right!!! Want one?

Me: No

Polaris sales guys to Polaris Executives: See, I told you it wasn't worth investing in the youth market. These parents are a just a bunch of selfish cheapskates who won't even spend 6 grand on their kids even though they blow 12 grand on their own sleds.

Me: Facepalm

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