No enthusiasm for the 2020 EVO RMK?


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Dec 13, 2007
Donnelly, ID
Gotta look at the kid's skll level and ability. Then determine the sled. I ALMOST snowchecked two EVOs two years ago, SO glad I didn't. Joke. Using old Pro body panels. Tater went through a Z120, Indy 340 longtracked, now on an M6000 141. At 8. He isn't the norm by any means, he can ride anything that he puts a leg across. And yes, I am bragging. :) He rode almost 1000 miles last year with me and friends, didn't wreck it or hit anything once. He is starting to sidehill. I think that with the kids, you have a bunch of challenges: No sleds for the little guys that are worth a poop. Then how do you teach them with no good tools to do so? The Evo will get them riding, learn some basic skills, but no mountain skills. (And the only reason that I put Tater on an M6000 last year was due to the fact that I let him ride my 850 Doo on the lake the year before and he respected the power.)