WRP seat review 2" rise

Nov 27, 2007
I installed a WRP seat on my short track Nytro a couple months ago and have been very pleased with it. I've had my '08 since new and over the past two seasons I noticed my knees hurting during XC races or aggressive trail riding. When I started off this season I looked at my sled set up with fresh eyes. What I noticed was how low my stock seat was. I'm not a tall guy so I never looked into a taller seat but this season I paid attention to the ergos and figured out that my legs were bent at 90 degrees when sitting and the transition from sitting to standing took more effort than it did on my dirt bike.

So after talking to Marc at WRP seats I had one coming my way as a kit. I went with a kit to save on shipping since it costs a bunch of money to send anything to and from Alaska. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend getting the kit unless you have a pneumatic stapler or an upholstery shop in your town. Marc warned me about the install and tried to talk me out of it but I of course love to learn things the hard way so I didn't take his advice. My Dad and I have installed lots of seat covers over the years and it is not hard to do. You just take your time and be patient. But the difference here is that the Nytro has a hard, plastic seat base that is very difficult to shoot staples into. My electric stapler wouldn't even drive the 1/4" staple into the base. I then bought the most powerful electric stapler our small, local hardware store carried and had better results but it still didn't go smoothly. I couldn't get every staple to drive in all the way and had to go back and use a hammer and drift to drive them in the rest of the way. A pneumatic stapler is what'd you want to do the job. In any case I figured a race sled is never done or perfect so we got it on and it looked nice. In any case, had I listened to Marc I could have just sent my seat in and had them install the new foam and cover. But our staple job has held up for a couple months now and the seat survived this past weekend's Valdez Mayor's Cup 200 mile cross country race with no problems.

The seat is made up of new foam and a cover. The foam is nicely shaped and firmer than the stock seat. The seat cover is stretchy and looks nice on the sled. I didn't realize how soft and sacked out my stock seat had become until I rode with the WRP seat.

So... how does it perform? Really well. My initial impression was that the seat was too firm. That went away after a few miles and I don't even notice it anymore. If you've tried a Boss seat than you'll have a good idea of what the foam feels like. By far the most noticeable difference is the ease in which you go from sitting to standing. After mounting it in my garage I thought it felt perfect with the OFT steering post relocator I installed at the same time. Out on the trail everything felt great! One thing that surprised me was how I was able to grip the seat with my legs like on a dirt bike. It allows you to have more control. Cornering seems more natural to me as well because I'm in the attack position like on a dirt bike. I noticed when I slid forward, I was able to brace off the WRP seat better for the corners than I could with my stock seat.

I also rode the sled off trail and played in the powder and because the transition from sitting to standing is so effortless, the sled was easier to throw around.

Overall I'm very happy with the seat and wish I would have had one from the beginning. Kinda hard to believe that a 2" taller seat makes that much difference but it does. Add in an OFT steering post relocator and the Nytro is more controllable and feels natural when riding and cornering.

Here's a pic of my sled with the new seat.
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