looking for help on 153 ez ryde install on 2008 nytro

Nov 27, 2007
Fort st. John B.C
I have the skid but no brackets to go with it, does anybody have any tips or measurements on installing it my rear measurements don't seem to line up with the drawing I have thanks any help is appreciated.


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Nov 26, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii
If I recall correctly most of the aftermarket skids for the nytro had their own drop brackets, I had a timbersled skid and we installed new brackets when it went in. I hate to say it but you might need to build some or try to find some off another nytro if the center to center isn't lining up.


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Dec 2, 2007
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can you get me a picture of where it mounts on the tunnel front & rear thanks
11.75" back from the center kf your driver. Ez ryde does not exist anymore. I may possibly, when I have the time, be able to assist you further. I have strayed from recomendations quite far and tbh ... my recommendations are suggestions based off of guesses. I don't and have never owned a 4 stroke. Beyond the obvious, this picture might illiterate things a bit as I am running a 153. Power mods on YouTube has videos of him installing an ezryde into a skidoo.

** my sled is not stock, don't use this as a how to install on a pro rmk 20210227_194839.jpg 20210227_194839.jpg

*this is a highly dynamic thing you are doing. If you desire you can drop the sled off and pay me. And when it's done you can come get the sled. Beyond that your on your own, with the caveat that there are a lot of skilled people out there who could do this job for you. But, time is money

Pm me if you want to sell your ez. (I'm not paying retail for 10 year old sacked out junk) 20210302_181934.jpg


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