154 3" track owners: How did you fix it?


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Dec 4, 2007
All the Doo pros prefer the 2.6 on the 154. But wtf do they know? I love my 154/3. You definitely need to use more throttle control, but I have no problem with that. It's way more nimble than a 165/3. Buddy has one and ive ridden it enough to say there's no comparison. Probably better in deepest snow, but that's only a few days per year. The rest of the time the shorter track is more fun.


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Nov 29, 2007
Regina, SK
The 2.5 would surprise alot of people. It works alot better than the tighter pitch track on the XM.
Try a lockout. I have both 2.5in and 3in tracks for my 154. Without being locked out it can be a bit rodeo when crossing old frozen tracks. Lockout made it track nice amd straight

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Jul 20, 2016
I'm 6'3" and use the Doo adjustable as low as it goes with a flat CFR bar. The Munster bushings are cheaper than the expert spindles and skis and help keep the ski flatter for sidehilling you can also shim the ski rubber to help hold the ski flat as well. Crank up the rear springs to max and consider getting the rear spring preload bushing. Other than that Doo's aren't great and sidehilling flat they have a tendency to wash out and want to go up hill. Rear suspension coupling and a longer track both help with this though. How is the clutching? If it's worn out or not setup properly it has a tendency to trench at take off in the trees.
Thanks for the input. Clutching is feeling/looking good took a bit more fiddling than I would have expected.

Where can I find more info on the preload bushing? I saw Rasmussen talk about a preload spring in his kit but couldn't find a similar application for stock suspension.


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Oct 28, 2019
X2 on the pre load bushing. Saw it once on the internets, but never saw it again.
Sorry I’m a hick and can’t work my phone. I think I pushed the angry face on someone.
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