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05 RMK Value


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Dec 2, 2007
Kootenays, BC
They were one of Polaris' biggest mistakes. Resale is whatever you can get. Known for crank and clutch breaking off, electrical gremlins, very heavy with lots of plastic that wasnt necessary. A few guys I know did major work on them to make mountain rideable. IndyDan made a fortune off engine work for these.
Dec 14, 2020
How far can you throw it?

About that much to normal people.

Any of the 5000 guys with a blown up one in their shed? Maybe $500 so they can punish themselves by making their totaled one a parts sled until the good one grenades and blows the case all over the pan.


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Nov 2, 2017
Roberts, MT
Take this with a grain of salt since I've never owned one: I'd pay more for an EDGE RMK, but that doesn't mean the 900 is worthless. It's a capable sled, but heavy, and potentially a pile of trouble. Do your research, and don't pay big money for one no matter how perfect it is. Also, newer, more capable chassis (starting with the Pro ride, but pretty much everything by the mid-teens) are going to be better to ride, especially if you're looking to get into technical riding. If everything checks out and it's in great shape, I could see spending $2500, but probably no more. The value is marginal unless you can be sure you're not buying someone else's problems, but with the right fixes, they can last quite a while and be plenty of fun. Definitely dig through this forum before you put any money down; it could be a great deal if it's been taken care of and it'll fit your type of riding, or it could be a broke POS. Just one of Polaris's more "special" children...
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Feb 16, 2008
yakima, wa.
My buddy put 7k miles on his 05.
Broke one crank end off, couple top ends.
Big and heavy but still very capable.
Needs a lot of updates to make it reliable.

That 166 is the Best reversing sled i have seen on a hill. Even better than an Alpha.
Seen him back down some crazy ****. Lol

I think a person needs to weigh over 225lbs to comfortably toss the sled around. My 180lbs got tossed around on it.

With low miles, it should be worth $1-2k.
This crazy market may demand more?
I wouldn't pay more though.

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