Sell my 09' dragon 800 and replace it with a 13'-15' pro RMK?

Ask Matt

Ask Matt

Name: Eric

Question: Hello I am wondering if I should sell my 09' dragon 800 and replace it with a 13'-15' pro RMK. Or do I keep my dragon and use the money I would spend on a pro to build a serious mod sled??

Hi Eric. If your options are modding the '09 or replacing it with a '13-'15 Pro RMK, I say absolutely upgrade and I would suggest a '14 or '15 Pro RMK. There are some great incentives currently being offered from Polaris on holdover models, including extended warranties and discounts. I also expect there to be a lot of very good deals on used '14s and '15s with the 2016 model being available for snowcheck on March 2nd. In the long run, spending a little more money to upgrade can save a lot of money compared to modding something older and often times creating a less reliable sled that you are constantly putting money into. While working on sleds is a lot of fun to an extent, trading riding time for repair time is not! There is also no comparison in capability between the different chassis'. My personal favorite of the mentioned sled is the 2015 Pro RMK Terrain Dominator edition with a 155" track. It comes with upgraded shocks, lower handlebars, heavy duty front & rear bumpers, along with painted spindles, rails, running boards, and tunnel (pictured). Whatever you end up doing, have a great winter and keep doing that snow dance!

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