What's your preferred ski stance width and track length?

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Name: Colin Watts

Question: Similar question as was asked about the ski. What's your preferred ski stance width and track length? Lots of debate out there about the right ski stance (from 41" all the way down to 36"), and track lengths from 153-155" range vs 162-163" vs. 173-174".

You're right Colin, there is a lot of debate about this. My personal favorite is a ZBROZ Racing 36" front end with the skis in the outside position and a 155" track. This is a great combination for my preferred style of riding which is aggressive technical boondocking. When doing this, my sled is on one side or the other 75% of the time if not more. I like the ZBROZ 36" front end because it is light, strong, and offers additional lower arm clearance. Shock setup is crucial when running a narrower front end to achieve the full benefits without major downfalls. I like to run my skis in the widest position with the narrow arms for stability reasons while getting some benefits of the spindle being moved in. The major benefits for me are quicker reactions from the sled when I move the sled from being on one side to the other, little bit easier initiating on edge position, little bit less effort maintaining position on very steep sidehills, and squeezing through tighter gaps in the trees. The 155" track length is my favorite because I feel that it is the best option across a wide variety of conditions and riding styles that I enjoy. It's extremely maneuverable and good for jumping while also providing adequate traction for most snow conditions.
Thanks, Matt
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