Best way to get started riding? Sled size, clothing, where to ride?

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Name: Heath Cook

Question: Best way to get started riding? Sled size, clothing, where to ride?

What a great question Heath! It's also pretty tough to answer as there are so many great types of snowmobiling. If you can give me a little more information such as your age, general size, the type of riding you'd like to do, and where you live, I can try to be more specific for you. Since I live in the western United States and mountain riding is what we do, I will make suggestions based on that. First I would recommend finding a dealership either close to where you live or close to where you would like to ride and ask about a local club to join and meet others to ride with. An avalanche safety course and proper safety gear needs to be a priority for you so that you can learn how to safely travel and perform a rescue along with learning about all of the resources available providing information to keep you safe. The best snowmobile to start riding in the mountains is a Polaris Pro RMK 800. It is the lightest mountain snowmobile and the easiest to ride across a variety of conditions regardless of skill level. Taking a riding workshop or clinic would be a great way to learn proper techniques and avoid bad habits. This will jump start your riding and be very beneficial. There are a lot of great instructional programs and riding schools (such as Mountain Skillz with Matt Entz........ :) ). As far as clothing, it is very important to learn about layering for the wide variety of adverse conditions you will experience in the mountains. Klim offers many different models of gear for all riding styles and uses the best materials available. You can learn all about layering on their website as well as chat with them about your specific needs or any questions you have. There are many different place to learn about good places to ride such as local clubs, facebook groups, and online forums such as . Hopefully we'll see you on the snow someday!

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