• Big Boost To New Platform

    It was obvious when Polaris began its 2022 mountain sled introduction that they were setting the table for something big. Their presentation started in a very calculated manner, first touching on the evolution of its purpose-built mountain sleds going bac

  • Ski-Doo Freeride Turbo vs Freeride

    If you want a little power, wouldn’t you want a little bit more? Exactly what price are you willing to pay to have your snowmobile putting out sea-level performance while riding at 9,000 feet elevation?

  • Crossing Over Ain’t Easy

    Perhaps one of the tougher decisions for aggressive terrain riders is whether to stay committed to the deep snow characteristics of a mountain sled or give in to the mogul-pounding benefits of a trail sled

  • 4-Stroke Performance

    Yamaha’s commitment to 4-stroke technology has created a performance trail market that molds power and performance with comfort and handling. When it comes to constant-changing snow conditions, the Sidewinder X-TX 146 may just be the flagship of the 4-st

  • Tough Choices

    How often do we spend hours agonizing over minor decisions when regardless of the choice we’re going to be perfectly content? Well this is the situation if you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a Ski-Doo MXZ or Ski-Doo Renegade.

  • Analyzing Terrain On The Fly

    You learn quite a bit from listening to your students in avalanche classes or seeing their reactions to what you teach. Students don’t see terrain in the same way that I do. Situational awareness in avalanche terrain comes from years of training and exper

  • Blending The Best

    Just like putting chocolate on peanut butter, Ski-Doo engineers sometimes like to take features from one platform and put them on another. That’s what they did with the Backcountry and MXZ.

  • When Snow Becomes Deadly

    Every year about 100,000 avalanches sweep down mountains across the United States, damaging everything in their path and killing 28 people on average.

  • Do The Math

    It’s all about the math. Some like more, some like less—more power, less weight. How about more suspension, more durability, more track, more track speed, more paddles, less trenching, less effort, less cost and less weight? Sometimes you can’t have both


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