Boondocker fuel management system on my 2011 RMK Pro 800

Ask Matt

Name: Ray Mac

Question: I have a boondocker fuel management system on my 2011 RMK Pro 800. It has a 860 R K Tech big bore kit. I cannot find anyone in Utah to dial in the fuel management system correctly. Do you know anyone that could help me? R K Tech are no help.

Hi Ray. I would recommend talking to VOHK about that setup. He is one of the best in the business when it comes to performance and has as much or more experience than anyone with the BoonDocker fuel controller. He also has ran many different RKTek setups over the years and probably has experience with your particular setup. Something else that sets VOHK apart from most other performance shops, is that when he works on your equipment, he wants to spend time on the snow with you. That way he can dial it in 100% for your needs and habits as a rider. We all ride a little differently and he tunes for YOU, not himself or someone elses general recommendation. You can find more info at their or call the shop and ask for Erik 970-224-9655. Good luck and have a great winter!
Thanks, Matt
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