Best way to adjusting the shocks on my 2015 RMK LE?

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Name: Glen

Question: Matt, I am adjusting the shocks on my 2015 RMK LE, it has the walker evens clickers. I adjusted the fronts all the way loose and that improved the powder carving a bunch. I am on the fence whether to adjust the rear or front track shock next . What is your rule of thumb for setup.

Glen, the shock setup that you have is nice because it does offer multiple adjustments and allows you to really fine tune your suspension for your specific needs and riding style. Personally, on the rear suspension I prefer to run the front track shock soft and with minimal preload and the rear track shock setup so that it is stiffer. This allows the front of the suspension to compress and adjust to the terrain that you are riding with a smooth approach angle and result in more track on the snow and less trenching. If your front track shock is too stiff, your suspension will act like a teeter totter and trench very bad in soft snow. I initially set my rear suspensions up with 1/8" of preload in the front shock and 3/8" in the rear. Since you have compression adjustment on your rear shock as well, I would turn the knob all the way in slowly and count every 'click' and take note of how many 'clicks' out it is set. Return to starting position and adjust in 1 or 2 'click' increments accordingly. The more 'clicks' out, the faster your shock will compress. It helps me a lot to write down where each setting is at when I start out and keep notes. That way I know what helps and what does not. You want to use as much of your shock travel as possible without bottoming out frequently. Different conditions require different settings to achieve optimum performance. Don't be afraid to make adjustments. Thanks for your question!
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