Ski-Doo Glovebox Extension Install

Getting a little more convenient storage

December 2023 Feature, Ski-Doo Steve Janes Web Exclusive

If you spend a lot of time snowmobiling off trail in the mountains, you are likely changing your goggles and gloves often to match the temperature changes and riding conditions. It’s nice to be able to make these changes quickly, and without the need to removing your backpack or rummaging through the large storage bag on your tunnel.

We were grateful when Ski-Doo added a glovebox to its Summit line … however, there wasn’t much room for anything but a pair of gloves. The Ski-Doo Glovebox Extension is a great option, making an easy install and simple way to add not only a little more storage but also a wind/snow deflector to provide a little more rider protection when screaming down the trails enroute to the higher elevations.

Installation is simple and takes about five minutes.

Three Easy Steps

1. Remove glovebox door. (If your snowmobile is cold, this could be rather challenging. The plastic is more rigid and doesn’t want to release its hold on the hinge. I suggest you either let your sled run for a few minutes to warm up the inside, or use a heat gun to soften the plastic, allowing it to release its grip from the hinge.)

2. Remove the two air filters on the top that frames the gauge housing. Each has three screws holding it in place. When the filters are removed, you have easier access to two screws on the gauge side of your glovebox. Remove these two screws as well. (The kit provides two replacement screws.)

3. Insert the glovebox extension into the slot vacated by the OEM lid. Use the two supplied screws (which have smaller heads so they won’t interfere with the air filters) to secure the glovebox extension in place. Then re-install your air filters. And you’re done.

The Glovebox Extension is designed so you can mount a Garmen or the Ski-Doo Cell Phone pouch.

Click here for a video.

The newer Summits and Freerides come with a small glovebox on the hood. This particular Summit X also has the Cell Phone pouch that takes a portion of the available space. There’s barely enough room for one pair of gloves … and perhaps some goggles if you can squeeze them in.

The first trick is to remove the lid. You can see that it has a simple open-grip way to attach on the hinge. However, if the plastic is cold, it will require quite a strong tug to get the open-grip to release. If you heat things up just a bit, it will allow the plastic to be a little more flexible and release without so much force.

The two air filters that boarder your gauge area can be easily removed. Each has three screws that secure it in place. By removing the filters, you can access the two screws that will allow you to secure the Glovebox Extension. The kit provides two replacement screws which have a smaller head.

Now you have plenty of room for storing your extra gloves, goggles and even a sandwich with quick access. The face of the Glovebox Extension lid is designed to accommodate a Garmin.

The Glovebox Extension will also provide a little protection from the wind while racing down a trail.

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