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Ski-Doo Adjustable Ski Stance

December 2023 Feature, Ski-Doo Steve Janes Web Exclusive

Although all snowmobile manufactures design their sleds with adjustable ski stances, Ski-Doo has gone a step farther and created an accessory that allows you to change your ski stance in mere seconds without any tools.

The Rapid Adjust Ski Stance is an easy install that allows you to slide each ski one inch in either direction. The install process is as simple as 1-2-3: you remove the ski, drill two template-guided holes, insert a bolt with the moveable spacer, and put the ski back on. (Okay, maybe that was 1-2-3-4.)

Once installed, it’s a matter of flipping the spacer lever, kicking the ski either in or out, depending on whether you want narrow or wide and then snapping the lever back in place. (Now that was a legitimate 1-2-3.)

Price: $6.

Part Number: # SKU 860201619

Click here to see a video.

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