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March 2024 Feature, Polaris
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Polaris says they have an internal saying: everything gets better when it's lighter.

For 2025, the lightest mountain sleds in the industry got even lighter--up to seven pounds lighter than model year 2024.

Changes for 2025 RMK: 

Pro RMK and Khaos RMK are available in 850, 9R and Patriot Boost only (the 650 engine is available in RMK SP models for 2025). All Pro and Khaos RMKs are Matryx Slash chassis configurations (meaning they all get the short tunnel and short cooler). 

You can only get the Patriot Boost and 9R engine packages through SnowCheck. You can also SnowCheck the 850 engine package. 

850 Slash Pro and Khaos RMKs will be available as in-season models, as well as the new RMK SP 650 and 850 models (more below). 

Pro RMK SnowCheck and in-season is only available in 155 and 165 track lengths, with either the 275 Series 8 track or 325 Series 9 track. 

Khaos RMK SnowCheck and in-season is only available in 146, 155 and 165 track lengths. The Khaos 146 is available through SnowCheck or in-season wtih either the 2.0" crossover track or the 2.6" Series 6 track. The Khaos 155 and 165 is available through SnowCheck or in-season with either the 275 Series 8 track or the 325 Series 9 track. But remember--9R and Boost engines are only available through SnowCheck.

9R Pro RMK 155 now weighs a claimed 414 pounds thanks to 7-pound weight reduction.

Patriot Boost and 9R RMKs get a new Pro-Lite seat that is one inch lower than previous and nearly one pound lighter. 

All RMK models get new lightweight LED headlights that nets a 2.5-pound weight reduction. 

All RMKs get a new lightweight steel driveshaft with dual extrovert drivers. This new assembly is one pound lighter than previous. 

Patriot Boost and 9R RMKs get new lightweight running boards with impoved snow cleanout design. 

Patriot Boost and 9R RMKs get new lightweight, serviceable rear suspension pads.

The lightweight running boards and lightweight rear suspension pads account for abouit 2.5 pounds of weight reduction. 

All RMKs get a completely new throttle system that evacuates snow and has a smoother feel. 

Rail caps are back with a new design rail cap system. The anti-stab system is isolated from the rail cap (unlike 2023 models where it was tied into the rail cap system; unlike 2024 models where there was an anti-stab system without rail caps).

New model for 2025: RMK SP. RMK SP replaces the base RMK as the in-season model. 

RMK SP is available with either the 650 Patriot or 850 Patriot.

RMK SP features full-length tunnel and snowflap, QuickDrive 2 (QD2), 2.75" Series 8 155 track and Polaris IFP shocks. 

The RMK SP is available in two color options and with or without electric start. 

RMK SP features the new throttle system, lightweight LED headlights and lightweight steel driveshaft with dual-extrovert drivers.

Polaris 2025 Quality Improvements

Polaris engineers addressed several areas of quality improvement focus for model year 2025.

Powertrain Updates

P22 Improvements

  • Forged spider
  • Imroved cover
  • New clutch bolt

650 and 850 Piston

  • Improved durability
  • Improved heat transfer

850 Patriot Oil System

  • Increased low RPM oiling for improved durability

Patriot Boost Aux Injector Harness

  • New and improved fuel injector wiring design and material

Patriot Boost Turbo Seal

  • Improved sealing and process

New Spark Plugs

  • BPR8ES spark plugs for 2025

PTO Rear Engine Mount

  • New 2-bold rear mount bracket
  • Improved durability
Chassis Updates

New Starter and Bendix

  • Greatly improved starting reliability and performance

Dual Extrovert Drivers

  • Standard now on Patriot 9R and Boost Switchback Assault

RMK Rear Bumper

  • Stronger
  • Increased durability 
  • Maintains proper failure mode

Oil Bottle

  • New mesh in oil bottle screen to reduce air bubble occurence

New Rail Caps

  • Standard on all RMK models

Recoil Rope Guide

  • New and improved recoil rope guide
  • Improved wear resistance
7S Display Updates

Wifi is back

  • Removed in model year 2022, back for 2025.
  • Easily transfer and update data from the app.
New 5-way Switch
  • Massive durability upgrade
Quality Improvements
  • Key user improvements such as fuel readings and maps crashing.
New Ride Command features coming on 2025 7S
  • Open Ride Areas 
  • Heat Mapping (shows where other riders have tracked recent rides)

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