Spare Belt Storage


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Mar 11, 2018
Friend of mine mounted a spare under the hood, mine just rides in the tunnel bag. So who has lost a belt on a Team equipped Proclimb? I have ~1700 miles on my MC, just bought a second new belt. I ran the others about 700 on the first belt, nearly 1000 on the second and it still seemed to be pulling pretty good. No extra venting, tons of deep snow riding, never even a sign of a worn belt much less blowing one. Last belt I blew was my fault, an aftermarket Pro belt on an Axys. Otherwise, is it really a big concern anymore? Sort of like my wifes new car not having a spare tire because flats are so rare anymore. I will still carry a spare because I do not want a 10 miles hike because I didn't bring one... Just curious if anyone is losing belts.


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Oct 30, 2008
Billings MT
Mine is Velcro strapped to my belt drive cover with my spare belt for that too. Running oil delete though so no tank in the way. Tunnel bag before that.

My last belt was run about 450 miles and was about to start coming apart from heat. Big bore, 300lb geared up rider, and quite a bit of 40-50 degree spring riding with some at low elevation put a little more strain on it than usual. 750-1000 miles before that on stock belts. 300 miles is all I could get out of a Gates carbon cord. Friend's supercharger uses them up in 4-500 miles. Stock sled I would expect 1000mile lifespans though.
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