RMK Board Rack

Mar 13, 2014
I am looking to set up my 14 pro rmk 155 for some back country access this year. I am looking to add a gas rack, board rack, and possibly a gear bag. With putting this additional weight on the tunnel I will also add braces.

What setups have you guys been running and what do you like/dislike?

From the research I have done I narrowed it down to two setups.

One would be the cheetah factory racing rack, I was thinking the mountain rack with the snowboard bracket on it.

The other option would be to run the new Polaris snowboard rack, has anyone seen one yet or have a review? If I run the Polaris rack I would also run a mountain addiction gas rack. With this set up I think I might still have room to sneak the smaller lock and ride gear bag on the tunnel but am not sure.

What braces do you run/recommend? Is the extended bumper brace enough or should I go with a full brace system like the FTX.
Mar 13, 2014
Those racks look like a good deal.

I found two CFR snowboard racks on craigslist for $25 so I picked those up. The guy had them on an XP bolted directly to the tunnel. I am going to pick up the CFR mountain rack and run them on that. Finding the snowboard racks on CL for cheap makes the whole package not so bad. Now I need to get my tunnel braces.


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Dec 12, 2005
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For all of that stuff you are carrying.... definately go with the tunnel braces...

VanAmburg makes some stout ones.
For what you are doing... the long bumper makes sense.

Don't go cheap on the braces... I've seen the result of makeshift braces and/or poor quality install... "Tunnel Taco" !!

Also carry the gas can as close to the seat as possible.

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