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Polaris PRO X/IQR/EDGE parts Aftermarket/Race/Stock....



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Sep 3, 2011
I'm cleaning out some parts I have laying around. I attached some pictures but can get more if you are interested in anything. I may have more stuff as I forgot about half the stuff listed until I was going through my parts, pretty sad for the ripe old age of 26! I listed prices but feel free to let me know if anything is priced out of line and give me an offer. Its hard to come up with correct prices for everything. Let me know if you need any more info on anything also.

-WMS light weight brake rotor: Used, Good shape.*SOLD!*

-Digatron DT-33: Older model, comes with 2 exhaust probes and a water temp. probe. $150

-P85 Primary Clutch: 800 version with wider bushing. Has an older version TPI 911 Aluminum cover. Titanium cover, pin, and Crankshaft bolts. Has a Goodwin Balck/Orange spring and I believe 10-60 weights. $350

-Pro Xr 2 piece billet Throttle block: Used, good shape. $100

-Wahl Bros Chrome moly Drag Handlebars: New, Mounted but 0 miles. Come with brand new grips. $35

-Pro X Race Tank and all Mounting supplies: Used tank and brackets. Comes with fuel line, filter and everything for inside tank brand new in Polaris packaging. $65

-Pro X Master Cylinder and Braided Brake line. Used, good shape. *SOLD!*

-Brand new OEM Polaris Tether: $25

-Brand new OEM polaris Pro X Kill Switch: $25

- (2) Polaris Pro X stock Lightweight Jack Shafts:*BOTH SOLD!*

-Polaris Pro X Hollow Lightweight Drive Shaft: Used, Good Shape. $125

-Polaris IQ900 Hollow Lightweight Drive Shaft: Used, Good Shape. $75

-Marvin Shaw Lightweight Billet Air Shocks: 17.5" Eye to Eye. One of the lightest air shocks you can get. $300

-Pro X Aluminum Radius Rod set: Used, Good shape. $75

-New Polaris black Frontier Belly Pan: Cut for Pro X shock towers. $125

-New Pro X shock tower Covers: $20

-New Polaris Pro X Race Bumper: $30

-Stock Pro X Light weight Drilled Brake Rotor: Used, good shape. *SOLD!*

-ICEAGE 136" Pro X/IQR rails: Anodized black and for 8" wheels. Used but can hardly tell. Great shape. $325

-(3) NEW 8" Superlite wheels: 6205 bearings. $225

-NEW Freedom axle: Can run 2,3 or 4 8" wheels on your current axle. $145

-136 x 1.25 Ripsaw track: Used but in good shape. Has aprox. 190 1.5" Stud boy Assassin Chisel studs with aluminum nuts and superlite black plastic backers. Its drilled for 208 studs (4 per row) and I have the rest of the studs to do so brand new in packages. No pull threw, just didn't put in all the studs. It was originally an every 3rd window track but I cut the rest so every window is now opened. $350

-Pro X Rear suspension: No Rails or Shocks. $100

-Custom Dynoport Pro X 660 Pipes: I never ran these but the previous owner had these made. Suppose to run 8200-8400rpms. They are for the Pro X chassis but the previous owner put a dent in one of the pipes to clear in an EDGE chassis. See pics for details. I can get more pics and info if your interested. $350

-Simmons Blue/white skis: Rough Shape. *SOLD!*

-All 4 Ryde FX Pro X shocks: All need to be rebuilt. $250

-Pro X Rox Sled Treads: Used, Good shape. have rubber insulators and all hardware. $60

- Thundershift HeavyHitter weights: 50.5 base weight, all extra weights and hardware included in factory box. $175

-2002.5 Pro X 600 Cylinder: Used, Good shape. $150

-40mm Mikuni Rack Carbs: $125

-Pro X 440 Race Cowl: Great shape. $30

-NEW Tracks USA 136 tunnel Extension: Mounted but 0 miles. $75

-Polaris HYVO top Gears: 20T and 23T top Gears. $20 Each

-Polaris HYVO Lightweight 42T Bottom gear: $40

-Polaris HYVO Chains: 74p and 76p $50 Each

-Polaris P85 Primary Springs: Polaris Gold, (2) Polaris Black/Green, Polaris Almond Yellow. $10 Each

-EPI P85 Primary Springs: EPI Yellow, EPI Red. $15 each.

-SLP P85 Primary Springs: SLP Green/Pink,SLP Blue/Yellow,SLP Blue/Pink. $15 each

-2003 Pro X 600 Trailing Arms: $100 each or $175 pair

-HSP XC 600 Y-pipe,Pipe and Can: This was on a sled I bought for parts. The pipe itself is beat up and as you can see from the pics it has a welded in section on the bottom. The Y pipe and can are in good shape, but I believe they only work with the HSP pipe. $125 for all.

-Blue Powermadd hand gaurds: Used, good shape. $40

-DVS shoe company Handlebar Pad: $25

-I also have a 660 Race Motor with Zero miles. I may sell if someone is interested. Cylinders where bored,Ported and sent to Millennium for new Nic. and have zero miles. Stock head was cut for removable domes and currently is at 16:1 compression. It was built for 500 ft. drags and Hill climbs. Brand new SPI pistons, Vforce 3's. I have have 40mm Mikuni Rack I was going to swap out spacers with the stock 38mm but haven't done so yet. If seriously intrested let me know. I may just keep it for an IQR swap in the off season.

Clutch Springs.jpg DSC_0420.jpg DSC_0422.jpg DSC_0424.jpg DSC_0425.jpg DSC_0426.jpg DSC_0429.jpg
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