PLEASE HELP - 05' SDI 1000 Engine Questions

Jan 3, 2013
Hello all,

I am new to this forum. I purchased a Summit 1000 SDI last year, without doing much research when my 01' Summit 800 quit on a snowmobiling trip. When I google it now for info, it seems that these engines maybe ticking time bombs. Though I know most people will not post things if everything is working ok. I have 3600 miles on it, and am currently having the engine completely rebuilt. Locked up in -10 weather just crusing in mid range. I am not afraid to add items to protect my new motor, (EGT's, fuel pressure gauges, air filters) if someone knows what should be done to protect it & make it somewhat reliable. Just want to hear from others so see if anyone has had decent luck with these engines or if it is a time bomb i should sell before it goes again. I do not know of anyone else who owns one. If there is no way to make it somewhat reliable i will probably sell it. Thanks - Dallas
Nov 24, 2012
Put some pods on it to keep out belt dust and dump some gas in the crank case every 500km or so to wash off the bearings. Scrape off the insulation on the clutch side panel to disperse the heat better.
Nov 28, 2007
Missoula MT
when they did your rebuild did they replace your counterweight gear bearings, thats what caused mine to lock up on a mid range cruise, the bearings are not part of a standard rebuild kit. any good shop would have replaced them, however if they didnt i would be worried about that being a time bomb, very small bearings for a lot of load and rpm. Also i believe that the 1000s need a fuel controll box
Dec 27, 2010
After owning the same sled I second that pods are an absolute must have, the stock airbox design does not seal up. You dont nessacarily need to buy the $250 Timbersled setup, I had my dealer get me a set of pods and pre-filters then just made a little bracket to hold my air flow sensor down close to them. I pulled my reeds out at about 2800 miles and couldn't believe the sled still ran they were so full of belt dust and debris. Clean the raves regularly, they like to carbon up. Another must is the 07 Mid Altitude mapping, it's a big help to the poorly mapped stock setup but it is still lean in the mid, don't cruise constant mid range throttle. A thermostat from an 08 XP is another must have engine saver, very inexpensive and easy to install. If you want to save money on belts call DJ and get his clutch kit, drastic difference. For a good read get on Dootalk and search for Lund's post on getting the most out of your RT1K he put together alot of good info on these sleds that I used on mine.
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