Ok, since none of the other guys have the guts to post this here BUT ...

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Jun 5, 2009
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Ok, this is kind of funny or sad, depending on how you look at it.

I posted this thread 8 years ago, and its still here. Before Tinder, before Zoosk, before smartphones and speed dating ....

And I'm still flippin' single ...

Why don't more females participate in power sports? I really don't get it ... The ones that do are basically treated like royalty, and have their pick of the litter so to speak since there are so few of them that partake in a largely male-dominated lifestyle .... lifestyle, not hobby.


IDK .... maybe I just wear the wrong cologne. Lol :)

At any rate, I was searching for some old threads and came across this one and it made me think ..... I think its kinda funny looking back at all this but then it dawned on me its like "Wow dude its 8 years later and you're in the same situation you were back then" .... Lol :)

I think the high barrier to entry is the reason a lot of females don't get into the sport unfortunately. That and it is kinda looked at as kinda redneck NASCAR type thing too for some reason... It would be like a lady wondering why it is so hard to find a guy in a sewing circle or something :juggle:

I think you are lucky if you find a girl who is willing to learn to ride or at least learn to accept you will be gone most days off in the winter riding :face-icon-small-ton. I think that is the boat I am gonna be in :D

But seriously you should try using tinder specifically when you are out in riding areas and see what you can find LMAO
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