M Series Sidehill Setup


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Nov 26, 2007
I'll bet you took right off again and ripped right out to didn't ya.
LOL. Yeah, this was well below the primary sidehill line my buddies took and just above a steep V'd creek...sled was on the verge of sliding/rolling downhill. I waited...radio'd my buddies and got help with turning the sled 180 (where it was near the creek bottom once we turned it 180 and it slid down) and barely got out across the other side of the creek. Didn't repeat that line. Wasn't smart. Was fun.


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Feb 7, 2008
OP lip stick away !!!
#1-The 2.6 track is the biggest
36” arms
Then the rear shock or my
thing is putting Proclimb rails
on it and move the mounting
holes 2” forward , getting the
suspension more under you.

And remember in this thread everyone is comparing
A 40” wide low sled to 36” wide tall sleds. Make the old M
36” wide and a bit taller and it will work better.
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