Looking for people to ride with in South & Central CO

Oct 16, 2019
Hey guys,

New to the forums. I recently move away from MN where I had a group of guys I went out to Wyoming and Montana with all the time but now moved to TX and so driving all the way up there is hard to do. I was looking to see if there were any groups in Southern or Central CO looking to allow me to join as I would hate to risk riding alone. I'm easy to get along with, have skills and can hold my own, I wont be a burden.



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Mar 11, 2018
We ride out of Ridgway Colorado every weekend in the winter. No set group but we usually have 3-4 of our group of about 10 that show up any given day. Half of us over 50, half under. We (I) like to ride the technical tree areas. Spectacular country around here. Be happy to show you around and see if it is a good fit.
Nov 22, 2017
My main riding partner and I live in Colorado Springs. We ride about every weekend. Wolf Creek, Cottonwood, Steamboat, Vail, Grand Lake, Snowies, Winterpark. Wolf Creek and Cottonwood are the closest to TX. We could shoot you a message each time we ride those areas or if you were heading to CO you could let us know. I moved out here solo and met guys on this site so we are always willing to do the same. We are in our upper 20s to low 30s.
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