Delorme InReach

Nov 21, 2016
Cody, WY
This is pretty much 100% a match to what I have seen in the reviews. Still sounds like the way to go even if you have to being the GPS with at times.

But a question. When you have the Topo Maps loaded to your phone does that then show your track on it also like the Inreach does? So at least you can pinpoint your location on the Topo map?

Yes I believe it does show your track and you can see where you are at on the topo with phone. Been a while since I linked my phone up to it.

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Mar 9, 2009
I also have the Inreach SE. We just have the safety plan and use the preset messages a lot which are unlimited, but it is nice to know that if there was a serious or minor problem I could let someone know and tell them what was going on exactly.


Dec 24, 2015
I've had an explorer for a year and really like it. I link mine to my phone for easier messaging and for topo maps. I find it works well for me, keep the unit in the underseat bag and the phone in my pants, can pull it out whenever. Have found it to be very accurate, I can preset way points and routes on my computer and upload them to the device. At the end of the day I can export the data to google for friends to show where we were. My wife also gets a link to this map in real time whenever I message her. She loves that.


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Nov 29, 2007
Regina, SK
Anyone see the new Inreach debuted at CES? Garmin branded Inreach with what looks like a proper GPS system, Bluetooth, and maps. Sort of like a new gen Rino with Communication features. Apparently pricing will be in the 400-450 range!

Wish it had a slightly bigger screen, but it's an improvement by the looks of it
Mar 20, 2019

Don't leave home with out it! The Explorer is the way to go $11.95 / mo. and you can bump up the services as you need them. This little tool could save your life someday. As long as you can see the sky help is just a slide button away.


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Nov 1, 2008
Rigby, Idaho
Don't leave home with out it! The Explorer is the way to go $11.95 / mo. and you can bump up the services as you need them. This little tool could save your life someday. As long as you can see the sky help is just a slide button away.
that is what I ended up purchasing!


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Nov 30, 2011
Saskatchewan Canada
I'm looking to purchase a Garmin inreach.
Is there any new options or features from Garmin that have been working good??
Looking for suggestion on what to order.


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Nov 26, 2007
New Prague, MN
I just bought the mini. I have only played with it and not in the field yet. If you want it just for the text and sos capabilities, the mini is the way to go. If you want gps maps and other features the explorer is more for that.

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Nov 26, 2007
Ham Lake / Lake of the Woods, MN
I picked up the GPSMAP 66i at the start of November and used it a few times. Very happy with the unit and it's a much better GPD then the older explorer model.

But I agree with Farmboy84. If you want just the text and SOS get the mini, if you want a full GPD with it get the 66i.


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I've never used the Mini before, but I got the Explorer SE, and I really like it.
I would have sprung the extra for the other (red) Explorer and got the mapping, but I felt like I should just use a reg GPS for that, and not run the batts down on the unit that I want to use for communication and SOS. I doo have my GPS list in the SE as well tho!
I am questioning that a bit right now as I left the dumb thing on most of the time (as in overnight and all by mistake) we were in Colorado last week and it still had some juice in it when done. Maybe a few years from now it won't last as long tho?

It doesn't take batts, so it's not like you can swap in a new set if stuck overnight tho, BUT - you can charge it off of a newer sled with USB port, but I prefer the safety item to be in my pocket and NOT in the sled - just in case....

I think the SE has much more text options than the Mini?

I can text anyone, and it will hook up wirelessly to a smart phone - if I had one. Not sure why I would doo that, but it does it.

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