Carb heater plumbing


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Jan 26, 2019
Pemberton BC
I am adding a carb heater to my kx500.
My issue is clearance between the head and left rad. There is not enough room to add the fitting to plumb in the carb heater. So without adding a lot of hose and some severe bends my solution is to plumb in on the hose that connects the two rads at the top.
Not ideal I know, I won't be getting the same amount of heat, but I typically do have the left rad blocked off.
Thoughts on this?
Anyone with a kx500 have some solutions?


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Dec 5, 2016
Bothell WA
You want the hottest coolent possible. My cr500 I drilled the water jacket in the cylinder and tapped it with a fitting just below the head. I'd recommend the same. Do you have a thermostat installed? You absolutely need one and can use the bypass on that if you like.. Y fitting works nicely off those.


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Oct 21, 2013
All these problems have been solved. I even posted photos a couple of years ago. Maybe just do a search? The best solution is to delete your
left rad and use an exchanger in the tunnel. With the left rad gone you have lots of room for a thermostat and plumbing. Your old dinosaur makes
a decent snowbike, but it takes a bit of screwing around, for sure. I think it's worth it.
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