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Bike Binderz, totally worth the money. Review and pics.

Once I knew I was getting a new trailer, the thought of having to still use straps to tie everything down, and be in the way was just not going to cut it. If I was/am going to go big, I might as well go really big. I learned about Bike Binderz on here from y'all and after having just installed them this afternoon, they are totally worth the money and so much easier-this is an understatement, SO much easier than tie downs, I only wish I both had them and could actually afford them sooner.

When looking at the binderz in the pics, they look so big, heavy and clunky but when one finally gets to hold one, because they are made of aluminum, they are not heavy or clunky at all. In fact, they are incredibly well made. I'm going to order another set for either another snowbike or when my buddy comes dirtbiking with me. No more need for front wheel chocks or worrying about the rear end of the bike moving at all.

Install is simple. Just pin the binder to the footpeg. Attach the L-channel to the end of the chain. Mark where the 3 holes need to be drilled. Drill, tighten nuts and done. I didn't put the end caps on as my new trailer will be done on or around 02/22 so I'll take the channels off once that happens and put them on the new trailer.

I'll admit, they are pricey but I got the first set for about $212 as there was a New Years 15% off and I don't/won't mind paying full price for the 2nd set as I'm just thankful that they exist and are for sale.

It is going to be so nice when the new drive in/drive out trailer is done and I won't have to deal with a tilted trailer, sliding all around, fiddling with straps, none of it. Just ride in. Put the binderz on and done. Ahhhhh. The good-bike life. I can't help but to think that Bike Binderz are to bike securing as snowbikes are to winter powersports-they have changed the game.

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Dec 20, 2016
Like the concept and would consider them if I was going with an enclosed trailer. My fear on an open trailer would be that the storm would dump ice and snow and clog up the attachment bars leading to issues. Maybe this is a non issue if you can leave the chains in place?
Like the concept and would consider them if I was going with an enclosed trailer. My fear on an open trailer would be that the storm would dump ice and snow and clog up the attachment bars leading to issues. Maybe this is a non issue if you can leave the chains in place?

The part that locks onto the footpeg is the part that is released and put on and off. It has been said to NOT ice up or bind due to ice as it is a big lever that tightens up on the chain along with the pin that will slide up and down as well.

One can take the chains off of the L-Channel but those are normally to be left in place.

Oh yeah, I put brand new 1/2" marine plywood on this past fall. I had also replaced all the rusted out deck screws with galvanized through bolts, all so I could get a new trailer in one month. I have to rationalize it as spending $400 worked out to about $50 per trip for the safety of the bike(s) and snowmobile=worth it.
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Update to actually putting the binderz to good use.

I'm glad I replaced the deck with 1/2" marine ply this past fall. The L-track relies on being thru-bolted to the deck and a weak deck/wood would be no good. At least the 12" long of L Track is bolted three times and the two chains to the L Track spread the load even further. No problem going up and back, 130 miles each way on all the rough northern roads, the bike is a lot more stable than it would be even with two straps to the lower triple clams and another two straps to the upper frame.

Unloading and loading are even easier. Just a pin, pull down the nice big lever, then another pin to take the binder off the footpeg and done. I even had my boy help me with it all and he enjoyed learning how to use the binderz.

I am going to buy another set for my new enclosed trailer but saw that all the Binderz are on backorder till 01/30, wow. Business must be good as the product is worthy.

It was/is nice being able to put the cover on and not having to deal with the straps being in the way or having to deal with wet/cruddy/half frozen straps to begin with and even in the enclosed trailer, the ease of securing the bikes will be totally worth it.

P1130365.jpg P1130381.jpg
I will say it until I give up either snowbiking or dirtbiking, as the Bike Binderz are the single best thing I have ever bought for trailering the snow/dirtbike.

I can't get over how easy it is to just get the bike between the Binderz, slipping the open rectangle over the end of the footpeg, dropping the big pin to keep the binder over the footpeg, going to the other side to do the same thing, then just lifting the big T-handle up to tension/cam the binder town. Fricking genius, I swear.

Thankfully I'm on my last weeks with the open trailer I've had since 2004 as the loading/unloading-especially the by-myself unloading, it is just so arduous (I know, I know, I need to man-up about it) but between the dragging the bike off, and then the putting on/taking off the cover, I will NOT miss the open trailer from 1994 that is only 8' long when the LOA of the snowbike is 11'. I will be getting another set of the Binderz for any other bikes or snowbikes I'll be putting into my new PROLine 714 Sno trailer, my gosh, it is going to be a sweet trailer and had realized the other day that it will be a dual axle, 15" tires, Dexter EOH brakes on all 4 wheels, and very best of all, ride on, ride off.

Open thank you to Bike Binderz, but thank you for making a strapless tie-down system that is just simply awesome. No need for a front wheel chock either. So brilliant.


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Dec 4, 2007
pierre sd
yep they work awesome we got five bikes in trailer it was a cluster f with tie down straps now clean and easy
So how are these different than a load binder and a chain with caribiner? Sorry not trying to be sarcastic but do they do something im missing?

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Just so everyone knows, I don't got nuthin' to do with Bike Binderz and am not some "Moto-Reviewer" who gets stuff to try and then writes about it and gets to keep the product. I had found out about Binderz on here and realized this past winter, after frozen straps, dealing with the long, loose tag ends, straps all in the way and running here, there and everywhere, and needing to get around to both sides to then tension them and tie them off-well, you know the routine.

I'd rather use (My old stainless steel) ratchet or cam buckle-straps than a load binder to try and tie down a bike.

There is a good reason NO one uses those things for motorcycles.

The Binderz do do something, they make it more secure and easier than anything else out there to secure the bike for transit.
This past winter, I bought another L Track snowbike kit for taking either another snowbike or another dirtbike and lo and behold, this past spring, my wife bought herself a new TTR 125 LE, then we got our boy a TTR 125, and the girl has her cousins JR 50 so as a result, I just bought two more dirtbike L track binderz today so I'll have a total of 4 to use.

The dirtbike ones have only one round L-track fitting which is good because my trailer deck has all sorts of Caliber glides and slides for both snowmobiles and the snowbikes to ride on but I do have space on the deck to install the single attachment point for the single chain that the dirtbike kit(s) use.

As we had spent last weekend camping, and dirtbike camping at that, having the wheel chocks and the eye bolt tie downs in the deck, along with the tie down straps laying all around for two of the bikes as the other two had the binders on the floor and pretty much off to the sides of the trailer, having banged my foot on the eye bolts a couple of times, and with the straps all over once the bikes were tied down, I had realized that for the $400, to get two more Bike Binderz and the dirt bike L Track kits will be worth it for the long-haul and say good bye to the straps and chocks and eye bolts in the floor.

Pics of them all installed will be coming.
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