2014/16 Arctic Cat M8000 - well-built, lots of upgrades!

Feb 21, 2011
Kremmling, CO
Well, I'm reluctantly selling my well-built M8000. It started life as a '14 Prolite and has since been built with a number of 16+ upgrades - it it is basically a '16 with '18+ plastics. This is an outstanding machine but I've got the itch for an Alpha so someone should continue to enjoy this awesome sled.

Here's the build sheet:
- 153" 2.6 in perfect shape, 3000 miles (and perfect for this power)
- BDX billet head w/ Bikeman 900 big bore (top end done by shop 400mi ago)
- Full Bikeman exhaust (y-pipe, pipe, can) **Your choice of this BMP or an Ultra-Q can
- Power commander w/ updated mapping
- Oil delete
- 16+ Team primary w/ MDS adjustable weights (rebuilt last season)
- TIED secondary w/ Racin' Station spring (50mi on this)
- C3 belt drive w/ spare belt
- Full 18+ plastic conversion to new panels
- BDX Promax intake/hood
- Mountain Fit headlight delete w/ low profile screen
- New handle bars w/ 19+ grips & heaters
- Fixed steering post
- 16+ front end at narrow stance
- Front shocks rebuilt 50mi ago
- 19+ G2 skis w/ 50mi
- BDX front bumper
- BDX boards
- BDX chromoly rear suspension w/ titanium bolts
- 9" carbon fiber idler wheels
- TKI offset axle **will include Iceage Pro Motion for this price
- BDX anti-stab kit
- Z-broz coupling block
- Cobra pull cord
- Tunnel bags

This is dialed in, running perfect. I've spent a lot of time and research to get it right. Just spent a day on 36"+ of fresh dump and it ran flawlessly. It outruns my buddy's 850 Khaos.

It is an absolute killer, I just want to go to an Alpha.


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