2013 SkiDoo Expedition Sport600 for Ski touring?

Dec 15, 2016

New here and looking at a few sleds for ski access. I know this has been covered in different posts, but looking for opinions on this sled.

Up to now I have been ski touring with friends, and they use older summit 600 and 800s, year 2000 and 2002 generally. These have 2up seating. We use the sleds for forestry road access, then put our skins on and do the main off road uphilling via foot. I have read lots of conflicting info about what type of sled is best, mountain vs a more touring/utility type sled.

What do you think of the sled in the post, or specifically that type of sled? I will be using it in the sea to sky area, Duffey Lake, Gold Bridge, Bralorne ect. I am only interested in logging road access, with 2 people on a sled, and possibly a dog(we have done it on the old summits) The only time it will be off the logging road would be to turn it around ect but no major uphills really. Late season sometimes you have to contend with cross ditches that are a bit crappy, not sure how a summit vs an expedition will handle that, besides weight difference. The expedition has a 154" track I believe..

A few people have mentioned skandics, are they much different than the expedition? more capable or less?
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Dec 28, 2008
You plan on being the first person up those logging roads after it snows?

If not and you're only riding packed trails, that expedition should be fine.

That said, the cost of a sled in general is pretty significant. And living where you do, there's a WHOLE lot more you could do and get to with a mountain sled.
Dec 15, 2016
I see what your saying. There could be the odd time I would be the first one up the road after a dump of snow, but not the norm. Im guessing that the expedition doesn't handle fresh snow that well?

In my head I was envisioning it being at least as decent as an old summit.
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