2010 Ski Doo for Parts...

Mar 13, 2019
Kind of a ****ty story. I bought this thing a month ago running perfectly. Dude failed to mention the top end was just re built........ without rebuilding the bottom end. Super rookie move and I would have immediately upgraded a few engine components if I knew.

I blew a hole through the crank case in less than 10 miles of riding. All this ski needs is the bottom end rebuilt and she is a badass ski. Upgraded shocks, carbon fiber halifax, handle bar extention, upgraded carburetors, and comes with a decent Ski Doo Cover, and dolleys. I even have a back seat I never put on that I will throw in for $200. ($600 seat)

I am just not interested in this sport enough to spend any more money. I live in Florida half the year.

Pretty firm on the $2,000 as I literally have $7,000 in this set up....

Serious inquires only.

954 562 8508



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Nov 26, 2007
So you want 2 grand for a sled that is blown up with a bad case and completely bad motor? I'm sorry for your loss but those sleds are selling running for $2500. If you paid $7000 for that thing you got took bad. Just stating the facts. Where is the sled located?
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