2.7 ford ecoboost ?

Nov 26, 2007
i'm considering a 2.7 ecoboost f-150...i have an f-350 for towing, so that's not a consideration...milage is important, as is durability, cause i put on a lot of highway miles...pretty new engine, and i haven't been getting much feedback from people that have one...any imput ?..:face-icon-small-ton

MT Backcountry

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Aug 29, 2008
Eco boost

If you look at the Ford Ecoboost Torture test they posted a couple years ago on the 3.5L the engine is complete torn down at the end of like 165,000 mile dyno and truck torture test, It was still within specs. You have to watch the end one to see this. Same technology, just a twin turbo. Good engine for pulling, people have complained about the mpg's on the net but I think its a heavy foot problem on the boost.:face-icon-small-win


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Dec 16, 2015
My dad has a 15 f150 2.7 crew cab about 37k miles. Had it about a year now. He bought it certified pre owned. Its been a great truck so far. Impressive low end torque and gets good mileage.

I liked his so much I bought a 19 f150 2.7 crew 4x4 10speed trans. I've gotten as high as 27.0 mpg on a highway trip. running about 59-62mph. At 75 interstate speeds I see around 21-23. This little engine has a ton of power. Currently I tow a 2 place open trailer but looking to replace that with a 7.5x18 5ft v to haul 3-4 sleds from MN to colorado. I have no doubts that it will do it power wise. The turbos at high elevation towing make quite a difference and at 10k feet.... All about that boost. Keep your foot out of the pedal/ boost and it will get good mpg. I'm very impressed by it. 11k miles on mine now.


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Nov 22, 2013
Dayton, MN
I have a 2016 lariat crew short box and just turned 116K, only thing done except for regular fluids are 3 oil pans that leaked, all under warranty. They don’t use a gasket, only some type of caulk like sealer, the last one has been leak free for over 60K miles so hopefully it’s good. Also had the front ring/pinion go out at 105K which the dealer claimed was first they’d seen. Mines a 3.55 rear end and my mixed driving is always around 18mpg, have seen as high as mid to high 20’s but that’s only at 60mph on long calm flat runs. Tows surprisingly well but not my main tow rig. I have pulled our 29’ with 5 sleds on several 700 mile trips, does fine with air bags but only see 10mpg below 65 and 6-7 at 75-80mph. I’ve been very happy with it but my wife’s 18 with the 3.5, 10 speed and 3.73 has quiet a bit more grunt.


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Apr 23, 2012
My buddy has had his for 3 years - no issues. Tows. sleds and and a side by side and quad with it. He loves the torque.

volcano buster

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Nov 26, 2007
Stayton Oregon
They don't really use a gasket anymore with their 2-piece pan. My 3.5 had the lower section replaced in the first year and then started leaking again so it was repaired under warranty (after the warranty expired but they knew about it). Goofy design I guess.
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