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1997 Ski-Summit x 670

Feb 9, 2019
My 1997 ski-doo summit x ran fine for the last couple months untill we here in the U.P got hit with some awesome powder but last week she started having a low bogey idle when I first pull her over she idles fine but when I give her a tiny bit of throttle the rpms drop down past 1400rmps where she usually sits at. Getting new plugs tomorrow to see if that helps but any thoughts would be appreciated. It was my dads sled he past last August of cancer I want to keep it running for as long as I can but idk what this really could be cause I checked the H.A.C that was clean. Just cleaned the primary clutch last week. So I dont think it should be that serious cause it ran fine one day then the next morning had that weird idle after tiny bit of throttle but after I get going I have all the power it can give. Cause it is an older 670 could I be getting froze carbs has been neg temps the last week or so and it's been outside.
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