19 freeride only pulling 6100rpm?

Nov 26, 2013
I had the same issue, I replaced the fuel pump, intank sock filter, in line filter, regulator and I had a primary and secondary injector wire that showed signs of rubbing so I re loomed and zip tied them, runs perfect now. Usually pretty easy to find an entire fuel tank with all the necessary stuff to swap cause no one ever buys one from a part out, that's what I did. Good Luck!

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Nov 26, 2007
Thunder Bay, ont
This winter past; my 17 ran at 7500, intermittent to 8000. Then 7500, 7200 and no more. Dealer replaced the rave valve cable, it was frayed at the connection to the rave valve actuator motor.
Thennnn.....very next weekend, 8000, 7600, 7200.....eventually 6200~6500. Traveling back to the hauler 5 miles 62~6500 and sounded like 1 cylinder sometimes, running very rough. Back to dealer and they changed the rave valve actuator motor. This one here the "check engine" scrolled non-stop on the rave motor.
...changed it and whammo 8 grand again.


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Dec 11, 2014
One of my 17's started running at 6100, checked spark plugs after the ride, One of the spark plugs went bad.


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Nov 27, 2007
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changed plugs, runs better.
took belt off and when you hit the throttle you can tell it has a very slight sputter off bottom then smooth, then it hits about 7800 and starts sputtering down to 7300.

Fuel pressure hits about 50. looks like my guage starts at 4lbs so its most likely 46lbs.
it will go down a little sometimes but if you pinch the return it will spike fast. so I think the pump is good but maybe regulator.

But it will hold at 46 and still sputter on top???
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