154 850 Turbo Lug Length

Dec 1, 2014
I’ve got a NA gen 4 154 with a 3”. Happy with lug length. Looking at snow checking 154 850 turbo. I ride the mountains in Idaho and Wyoming. I’m looking for input from guys that have ridden the 2 1/2 inch track, 3 inch track or preferably both on an 850 turbo 154. Don’t need feedback on longer track lengths.

In a perfect world I would ride one of each but as of this posting I’ve not been able to set something like that up. I heard that the 3 inch track with the turbo on that short track can hook up sometimes more than a guy wants where the 2.5 isn’t as bad. I guess I’m wondering if the 3 inch makes it a bit more work, less fun to ride or if the 3” hype is being blown out of proportion.

Also looking for general pros cons for that particular step. I did search the site for existing articles and didn’t run across any. That could be a lack of my searching ability. :/ If there’s already a thread on this topic and somebody wanted to send the link my direction that would be awesome as well.

Thank you in advance.


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Nov 26, 2007
New Prague, MN
I'm very interested in this also. I have a 17 154x2.5 and am contemplating a 22 turbo. I like the 2.5 since I ride a bit in MN but cant help but wonder about the 3.

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Mar 18, 2018
Having ridden 3” tracks since 2015, was sceptical in trying the 2.5” on the turbo 154. The deciding factor was Ryan Harris video on the Freeride Turbo 154”/2.5”. He nailed it, I’ve ordered a 2022 154”/2.5” for a 2nd straight year. Less overheating on packed trail, more durable track, and less trenching. The additional track speed is noticeable, sled pops up on the snow and control improves. Don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you go 2.5”. Combination works in deep snow also!
Jan 10, 2021
I had the same question as you- never could get a solid answer. There’s just as many people that love the 3” as do the 2.5”. I ended up just sticking with what I already knew (that on my current NA 850 I was super happy with the 3”), so I went ahead and ordered the new 22 turbo with a 3” as well. I’m sure either way you’ll be happy.

As far as my NA sleds, switching from 2.5” to 3” made a huge positive difference for me. I probably get stuck 25% as much as I used to with the 2.5”.... So I’m sticking with 3” for now.
My whole group rides with 3” these days, so can’t even throw a leg over the 2.5 to see what the new ones are like unfortunately.
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