1. sledhed

    FS: Stock Axys 800 RMK ECU / ECM, fits 2016-2017 yellow injector, out of a 2017 800

    FS: Stock Axys 800 RMK ECU / ECM, fits 2016-2017 yellow injector, out of a 2017 800. Bought it for a project on a whim but circumstances have changed and no longer need it. $745 is the price new. $300 or best reasonable offer.
  2. R

    2 almost complete sets of Polaris Stock Axys A Arms

    I am selling 2 sets of Polaris Stock Axys A Arms. Have the right and left upper a arms, Left lower arms each from 2016 & 2017 $100 each A Arm plus shipping. 2 sets are currently shown. These are takeoffs and not bent. Thanks, Shane
  3. Sled Solutions

    Polaris AXYS Accessories - 1 Stop Shop

    We pride ourselves on carrying the latest cutting edge accessories the industry offers. We are a small knowledgeable company that uses what we sell. We're not just another company, passion, integrity and loyalty have given us this remarkable opportunity in life. Here are just some of the...
  4. M

    Walker Evans

    just picked up a set of walker evans to replace the base ride fx shocks on my 14' standard rmk and they seem to be shorter by almost an inch. Should i be concerned about this? they came off a 16' axys. do i need to replace the shafts? or just run it?
  5. montanapup

    Thank you for a GREAT Year!

    Thank you all for a great first year of Ice Boxx Pro - Keep Your Cool. With the weather warming up, it's a great time to add the Ice Boxx Pro and keep riding. Keep Your Cool even in the worst conditions. If you want to get to the high country on those not so perfect trails we can help you get...
  6. sledhed

    For Sale: Speedohealer for Polaris Pro and Axys---SOLD!!!

    For Sale: Speedohealer for Polaris Pro and Axys, plug and play. Adjust for your gear-down and keep from piling extra miles on your sled depreciating it faster than normal... $100 shipped to lower 48. Complete with wiring harness and instructions and original box, used for 1000 miles or so on...
  7. R

    Polaris Diamond S TI Quiet

    For sale Diamond S TI Quiet can like new off my 2017 Polaris RMK like brand new condition can send pictures if interested will ship make offer $579 new Thanks
  8. J

    ProLine Trailer (nhtrailers) The above website advertises that they have a 7.5 foot inline trailer for snowmobiles. The trailers are advertised with the wheel well half inside the trailer and half outside the trailer. The interior width is advertised...
  9. N

    Complete Axys A-arm set

    Complete Axys A-arm set. Came off 2018 axys. Used only two rides. Only changed because I liked the narrower front end. $450 shipped to the lower 48 for the set, or $150 for each lower shipped and $125 shipped for each upper shipped. I will ship to Canada or Alaska but we will have to agree...
  10. IceAge Performance

    Short Tunnel Long Sled 163 in a 155

    Chris has been building these sleds for a few years now and it is an awesome package. He put together a great video highlighting some of the products being used to build it. For those that haven't seen or heard much about it, check out the second video explaining the concept a little more. We...
  11. S

    2019 Polaris 850 2.6 163” Cheap 0 miles!!---SOLD!!!

    2019 Polaris 850 2.6 163” Cheap 0 miles!!---SOLD!!! Zero miles, private party, no tax. 2019 850 black on black on black. PIDD display. Pull start, 163” with 2.6” track. $12k cash steals this sled. Text Troy
  12. C

    Check engine light/ Top end cut out

    Just replaced my relays since my screen cut out on me. screen kicked back on but check engine light is on and it is cutting out on the top end. Would TPS be causing this or should I just get the computer scanned? looking for any type of direction on this. seems like its not getting air or too...
  13. C

    Display gauge issue/top end cut out

    Has anyone had any issues with the display gauge going out? My sled was running fine this weekend until it started cutting out on the top end and my display gauge was flickering on and off. now it wont even turn on or give me any feedback. My guess is I have a bad connection somewhere but I...
  14. 5

    2015 Polaris Axys LED Headlight Issue

    New to the forum and am learning lots already from what is posted here. I haven't come across a situation like the one I'm in so looking for help. I've got a 2015 SB Pro-S 600 with the sealed LED headlight unit. My right side (mag) low beam is either 'burned out' or it's barely...
  15. I

    Riding the "Cascade Concrete" or your favorite trail?

    Riding hardpack and ice sucks, but is necessary to get you to the fun powder at the top. Bluebird day, but the trail was hard as a rock until late afternoon. The iceboxxpro helped to Keep the Cool up the trail. Don't let these conditions keep you off the mountain. Life is too short not to...
  16. H

    2016 axys silber turbo bog

    Hey snowmobile family, i have a 2016 Axys that has the Silber Turbo set up running 7#. I absolutely love this machine but i am having an issue with the machine having a bog that has put me in some bad situations. I ride between 9000ft and 12000 in colorado. It bogs when getting into the throttle...
  17. N

    Take off 18 Axys Bars

    Only used for one ride. Only replaced because I'm not tall enough for the Polaris (EDITED) midrise bars. Comes with heater elements, but no grips or hooks. $125 shipped to the lower 48. Will ship to Alaska or Canada, but we will have to discuss shipping costs. Pictures to come.
  18. S

    Assault 800 Silber Turbo Clutching

    Anyone out there boost their 800 Axys Assault 144? I have the 2” track on mine, usually run 7# at 8,000-10,000’ with 73.75 grams weight. I ran the springs that came in the Silber kit but looking for more insight on helix/springs if there are better options out there. Haven’t found much on...
  19. sledhed

    Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155 1-ply 9104M

    Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155x2.5 2.86 pitch 1-ply 9104M SOLD SOLD Camoplast Challenger Extreme 155 x 15 x 2.5 2.86 pitch fully clipped and center-punched for Polaris, fits IQ IQ Raw / Dragon / Pro / Axys with stock 2.86 pitch drivers, also fits Skidoos with same pitch. 9104M 1 ply. Almost...
  20. sledhed

    Axys standard gauge into 13 and newer Pro-ride (Pro RMK)?

    Maybe this has been asked before but I can't find it even through Google... can you put an Axys standard gauge into a 2013-2015 Pro-ride (Pro RMK)? The 2016 Axys gauge looked identical to 2015 but it has a different part number. Not sure about the newer "message center" versions or when they...
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