1. S

    2016 Axys 2.6 155” VOHK Turbo 216 miles!!!

    2016 Axys 2.6 155” VOHK Turbo 216 miles!!! Polaris Axys snowcheck 155” 2.6 track with VOHK Turbo, EGT, VOHK clutching all installed by VOHK, Chris Burandt Fox Shocks, skinz bumpers front and rear, will sell with Skinz ARC (not installed), Polaris GPS, TKI brake lever, only rode it 3 trips so...
  2. V

    Noob Questions On AXYS

    Hey Guys, Looking at getting a sled, and while I wanted to last year the timing wasnt right do to a new home purchase. With that said my plan was to pick up a RMK-Pro 800 155. I would prefer to buy pre-owned to save some money but from what I have seen it seems like a lot of people are...
  3. Rogue Concepts

    NEW Product: Rogue Concepts Axys rear bumpers.

    Here is another option if your looking for a new or upgraded rear bumper. Laser cut .125 Aluminum 1.5" Chromoly rear bar 3 piece modular design Customizing available. 20% orders of 3 or more. Check us out and let us know about any questions!
  4. S

    KMOD in an axys

    I put a Kmod 155 rear suspension in my turbo axys and hate it right now. seems to push in the trees and took away the "flickability" of the sled. anyone else have this issue? been messing with the setup and just cant seem to get it right. rides awesome on the trails and no ski lift while...
  5. scotts-doo

    Brandt tunnel bag small - off 2017 Axys

    Selling my Chris Burandt tunnel bag that came with my 2017 snowcheck Axys sled. I have used it in 2 trips. Like new. I just want a bit more space so looking at a different bag. New they are $190. Sell mine for $135 shipped in U.S.
  6. X

    polaris primary clutch for 800 pro, axys,dragon

    Brand new take off of my 800 so I could put electric start on , $395.00 never even started with this clutch. 208-880-6068 Larry
  7. X

    new polaris primary clutch axys

    Brand new unused Axys , Pro, Dragon primary clutch. retails around $550. price for mine $395.00 give me a call 208-880-6068 thanks Larry
  8. X

    polaris primary clutch for 800 pro, axys,dragon

    Brand new 2015 polaris 800 clutch . removed to install electric start never even started with this clutch! will fit Dragons ,Pros and Axys $450 and I will pay shipping. call 208-880-6068 Larry
  9. IceAge Performance

    Hillclimb Brace kits In stock and ready to ship!

    With winter right around the corner, its time to start getting the sleds dusted off, or pick up the new ride from the dealer! Are your stock rails still good but you want to add some serious strength? Look no further then our HillClimb Brace kits! We have these kits available for the following...
  10. M

    2016 Axys Front End - A Arms, Shocks, Spindles, Bumper

    SOLD - Entire stock front end from 2016 Axys, $750. Both lower/upper a arms, spindles, shocks, bumper. All straight, good condition, just replaced with aftermarket at 350 miles. Located in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
  11. B

    Fat kid 155 vs 163

    Ok So I'm a fat kid I'm 6'0 I weight about 310 without gear on :pizza:, I live in the northeast (Maine) and primarily ride backcountry.. Nothing super technical but we do get deep deep powder some years especially up toward Canada,,, well im lookin into a new axys pro rmk I'm coming off a 2015...
  12. WyoPro

    FS: 156" Camso Challenger X3.2

    FS: 156" Camso Challenger X3.2 ***SOLD*** Cut down to 2.8". Was on a NA Axys. Running boost, thinking of going a different route. Located in NE Wyoming.
  13. B

    Bar riser on high handle bars, extensions needed?

    Hey guys, as the title states, looking to put a 3" bar riser on my new axys pro rmk. It has the high handlebars. Wondering if I will need throttle cable and brake line extensions? Thanks in advance
  14. X

    polaris primary clutch for 800 pro, axys

    removed brand new out of crate to install electric start. so just need to sell to tidy up storage area.
  15. S

    Lay down engine swap

    I have a Polaris axys chassis that I'm building from the ground up, my designated engine will be a m8 arctic cat. This engine has the exhaust and intakes in the same side of the engine. The problem I'm running into is this: by the time I line my clutches up the intake ports end up pretty much...
  16. B

    Digital PIDD GPS Cracked Screen

    Hey Guys, I cracked the screen on my axys PIDD my last ride of the year. Does anyone know if I can buy just a replacement screen/glass cover for this? Everything still works, I just don't want water getting in and frying the whole gauge. Thanks
  17. C

    2011 PRO RMK 800 Twisted Turbo

    Need to sell outright or trade for a stocker with cash for the girlfriend. This ol' girl has WAY too many ponies for the girlfriend, and I got a new AXYS. As far as trades, I am not brand picky unless it's a Yamaha. 2011 PRO RMK 163 3" on Ice Age rails, hyfaxes in great condition EXIT Triple...
  18. A

    Aerocharged Axys straight pump gas

    Hi everyone! Here is just a quick video of our Axys running straight pump gas. Filmed with an iphone on the fly so no judgement :). Our Axys kit comes with an air to snow intercooler and all the items needed for an install. Everyone who has rode our kit say it's a monster...might run better...
  19. P

    ZBROZ Front Bumper

    Is anyone running the Zbroz front bumper on the axys?
  20. M

    Play in Steering Column?

    Just bought a new 2016 Pro RMK Axys 800 a few days ago and haven't even taken it for its first ride yet. Loaded onto the sled deck and unloaded into the garage. Checking it out in the garage last night, I noticed the steering column had a solid 1/8 inch of play in it when pulling straight up on...
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