Product Install: Quick Release Sway Bar

Published in the February 2019 Issue April 2019 Product Tests Steve Janes

When you ride on the trails, you want stability in the front suspension. That’s why snowmobiles have sway bars. However, when you’re in the mountains, sometimes you want more of an independent front end that allows you to make tighter turns.

This is where you really don’t want a sway bar. You want more flexibility in your front suspension.

So the question is: Do you want a sway bar for the trails getting you up to the terrain, or do you want no sway bar in the terrain … making the trails a little more of an adventure.

Ski-Doo has made it possible for you to have the best of both worlds.

A sway bar disconnect allows you to disable your sway bar in the matter of a few seconds. And it allows you to reconnect in the same amount of time.


First, you need to remove the solid arm that connects the sway bar to the front suspension. It is held in place by two bolts. Remove the nuts and you can remove the solid arm.

Now you install the Quick Disconnect Arm. It’s the same process in reverse—you position it and attach it with two nuts holding the arm in place.

However, the arms feature spring-loaded ends that allow you to make a quick disconnect in seconds. Easy off, easy on. Now you have something you can enjoy on the trail and then remove the arm and enjoy in terrain.

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