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Product Test: Ice Boxx Pro

February 2020 Product Tests, Feature Steve Janes

Every snowmobiler has encountered a situation where the weather conditions have turned a groomed trail into a solid sheet of ice that yields limited snow dust, which is vital for the cooling process of the snowmobile engine.

Even with ice scratchers down, that dreaded engine light comes on and the brain box of the sled starts to retard the engine to prevent burn-down. It’s time like this when you wish there was an additional way to cool your engine.

Here comes the Ice Boxx Pro. This is a product designed to keep snow packed on the top of your Polaris Pro RMK tunnel (which depends on snow circulation from the track to cool your engine) on cold days where the hardpack snow isn’t breaking free and circulating through the tunnel/rear suspension.

The Ice Boxx Pro mounts on the tunnel just like the Polaris tunnel bags. You have six quarter-inch carriage bolts that fit in the tunnel slot (three on each side) which you match up with the holes in the container.

Once the Ice Boxx Pro is mounted, you merely load snow in the box and shut the lid. With the snow resting on top of the tunnel, it will help cool the heat extruders mounted on the bottom side of the tunnel as the heat/cold is dispersed.

The Ice Boxx Pro isn’t meant to be the only method of cooling … but it will add just enough cold to your tunnel extruders to keep you going until the snow starts to soften up and circulate more freely.

The Ice Boxx Pro came in quite handy last spring when our riding area was experiencing warm days, cold nights and no precipitation.

Price $175

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