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Product Review—SkiSaver Flex

March 2020 Product Tests, Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

            The simplest and most functional way to move your snowmobile across pavement and around your shop/garage is the SkiSaver Flex ski wheels found in the Ski-Doo accessory parts manual or at Dennis Kirk.

            The editors of SnoWest Magazine first noticed the SkiSaver Flex at the Idaho Snowmobile Show where Ski-Doo used the wheels to bring their new sleds into the facility. The design was just too clean and easy to ignore. So this past winter we ordered a set to try.

            We found the SkiSaver Flex could universally adapt to all brands of snowmobile skis. The wheels were easy to use—just slide them over/under the ski until the center of the wheels were even with the ski bolt on the spindle. Then pry down on the handle and slip the handle hook onto the ski loop. And removal was equally as simple. Easy on, easy off.

            With the wheels on the skis, it was easy to drive the snowmobile across any surface to where you wanted it. There was no unnecessary carbide wear … and no unnecessary scratch marks left across your driveway from the carbides. The kit retails for about $235.


            Assembly of the SkiSaver Flex was quick and simple. The material used is heavy-duty and can take abuse without losing its shape or effectiveness.

1)                  Although the instructions are extremely vague, there’s really not much more you need than to look at the photo and look at the parts—it’s all common sense. We just spread our parts out in the way they need to go together—determining the right side and left side of each of the wheel kits.

2)                  We then put the pieces together, leaving the bolts loose so we could make adjustments, particularly on the width of the opening.

3)                  We then measured the ski width on all the sleds we had (for us that meant all four brands), and took the widest ski width to accommodate the opening. If you have more than an inch difference in width, you may need to re-adjust your opening to match your ski. But that’s okay … it only takes a few seconds.

4)                  Then we tightened the nuts and the assembly was complete.



Caption 1—The SkiSafer Flex is designed to keep your skis suspended and allow the wheels to glide over hard surfaces. The wheels can travel up to 6 mph and turn with relative ease.

Caption 2—The parts are basically self-explanatory. Lay your pieces out in relationship to the photo and start inserting bolts.

Caption 3—The wheel assembly required a little more attention to ensure the washers and wheel inserts were properly positioned.

Caption 4—We then took the measurement of the widest ski and made sure our opening could accommodate the ski width.

Caption 5—After everything was adjusted to accommodate the ski width, we tightened all the nuts and assembly was complete.

Caption 6—Now you merely slide the SkiSaver over the skis until the wheels are even with the ski bolt through the spindle.

Caption 7—Then press down on the handle until the hook slips around the ski loop.

Caption 8—Now you are ready to roll.

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