Product Review: FXR Blade XPE Helmet

Published in the January 2019 Issue March 2019 Product Tests Brad Anderson

The first thing you notice about the FXR Blade Helmet is it looks good. It’s got style and will easily be seen by other riders with its high visibility colors and design.

Right out of the box it felt good. It is light (the Blade weighs just 2.93 lbs.), comfortable and there was no break-in necessary. You know how with some helmets you need to ride in it for a few rides before it starts feeling comfortable? Not so with the Blade Helmet. It was great from the first ride out.

A nice creature comfort this helmet has is a quick-release chin strap. I found out just how nice it was to get your helmet on and off in cold weather without having to pull your gloves off to buckle or unbuckle it.

The overall construction on the DOT- and ECE-certified helmet is really solid. I like how FXR designed the shell to keep your goggle strap in place all the way around the helmet.

Leaving the truck on “test day” it was 3 degrees F. I put a thin balaclava on under the new helmet. It didn’t take long as we headed down the trail to realize this helmet is extremely well-ventilated. With 16 vents throughout the helmet, and the cold trail ride I was wondering if I needed a little thicker balaclava on. That thought soon vanished as we headed off-trail and started boondocking through the trees and deep powder. The venting on this helmet was perfect.

I generally have a hard time regulating my body temperature and find my head sweating.  With the FXR Blade XPE, it was different. I found it helped me regulate my own body temperature easily. I have been wearing helmets for more than 40 years and after trying the Blade I think this is a helmet you should consider.

Between the comfort, quality build, attention to detail and just flat-out style, I give this helmet two thumbs up.

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